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Monch (Monch).png
Health.png Health Attack.png Attack Counter.png Counter
6 2 4
Other Stats

Card Description
Before attacking, eat allies in the row, absorbing their Attack.png Attack and Health.png Health
Card Art

Monch is a Companion that the player can bring along on a run. They are exclusive to the Shademancers Tribe.


Monch is a high-risk, high-reward Companion that demands expendable Companions or Shades. Each time Monch triggers, they eat all other cards in the row, instantly killing those cards and giving Monch an equal amount of Attack.png attack and Health.png health. A well-fed Monch is a peerless offense and defense all in one. Sacrificial Companions like Egg and Pootie are not as ideal for feeding Monch due to their low stats, and may better serve as blockers for strong attacks. If the Bell of Death is active, such Companions will likely be constantly injured as well, lowering their stats even more.

Chikichi is a fantastic pairing with Monch, as eating Chikichi or its summoned Shades has the double benefit of bringing out the next stronger incarnation while also giving Monch a significant stat boost. Once all is said and done, the end result will be the powerful Chikagoru alongside an extremely beefy Monch. A copy summoned with the Shade Wisp will not give Monch much health, but if the right enemy is copied then Monch can gain a large amount of attack. Snuffer pair very well with Monch as Snuffer can be resummoned infinitely, giving Monch infinite things to eat. Charms with effects that trigger on kill such as the Pinch Charm.png Pinch Charm and Cloudberry Charm.png Cloudberry Charm will also trigger when Monch eats allies, making them extremely powerful.

Monch's consumption of allies does not count as attacking those allies, so on-hit effects like Teeth.png Teeth will not apply. Additionally, Monch does not have the Absorb ability (even though their ability does use the word "absorb"), so unlike the Woolly Drek, Monch will not gain any statuses or abilities from the consumed ally.

Monch will still eat all allied cards in the row when triggering with no enemy to attack.

Above all else, make sure your Leader is not in the same row as Monch when they trigger, as Monch will kill them on the spot.


Monch shares similarities with Monchi, though any exact connection is unknown beyond their shared appetite for cards. They may also have served as the inspiration for the Mini Muncher.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Translation Description
English Monch Before attacking, eat allies in the row, absorbing their Attack.png Attack and Health.png Health
Dàzuǐ Shòu
Big Mouth Beast 攻击前,吞食同排友军,吸收其Attack.png 攻击Health.png 生命值
Dàzuǐ Shòu
Big Mouth Beast 攻擊前,吃掉同一排所有隊友,汲取其Attack.png 攻擊Health.png 血量
Korean 몬치
Monchi 공격하기 전에, 같은 줄에 있는 아군들을 잡아먹고, Attack.png 공격, Health.png 체력을 흡수함
Japanese モグリ
Monch-ri 攻撃前に列の味方全員を食べ、Attack.png アタックHealth.png 体力を吸収する