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4 4 3
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Card Description
When , summon Chikasan

Chikani is a Shade that the player can summon by sacrificing Chikichi. Chikani can again be sacrificed to summon Chikasan, who will continue the chain of Chikichi.

The stages of Chikichi includes the following:

  1. Chikichi
  2. Chikani
  3. Chikasan
  4. Chikashi
  5. Chikagoru


Similar to Chikichi, Chikani is a benefit to any sacrifice builds. Its health and attack are twice as high as Chikichi's, allowing it to survive a couple weak hits and deal decent damage.

Like Chikichi, the player must protect Chikani from being killed by enemies or vanishing due to the Summoned ability. If it is not killed by an allied card or effect, it will not summon Chikasan and the chain will be broken.