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Keywords are special ability words that condense long effects into a concise form. This simplifies card descriptions and makes it easier to tell when multiple cards share the same ability. All keywords are highlighted in orange text in a card's description, and their condensed abilities are fully expanded when examining the card.

Some keywords additionally have a numerical component, such as the Bombskull Charm.png Bombskull Charm granting Explode 8. This page will indicate numerical keywords using an arbitrary X.

Due to how Items are played from the hand while Companions, Clunkers, and enemies stay on the field, keywords may behave slightly differently for them.

Targeting-Related Keywords

Normally, Companions, Clunkers, and enemies will hit the front enemy in the opposing row when attacking, and Items are played on a specific target. These keywords modify a card's targeting.

Name Field Items Cards with Keyword Sources of Keyword
Aimless When the card attacks, it hits a random enemy in the opposing row, instead of the front one. The Item targets a random target in the selected row on the selected side of the field. Leaders, Loki.png Loki, Wort.png Wort, JunJun.png Junjun, Foggy Brew.png Foggy Brew, Slapcrackers.png Slapcrackers, Shrootles.png Shrootles, Snowbo.png Snowbo, Frost Lancer.png Frost Lancer Smog.png Smog, Magma Booster.png Magma Booster, Gnome Charm.png Gnome Charm, Fish Charm.png Fish Charm
Barrage When the card attacks, it hits all enemies in the opposing row simultaneously, instead of just the front one. The Item hits/affects an entire selected row on the selected side of the field, not just one card. Leaders, Bombom.png Bombom, Jumbo.png Jumbo, Vesta.png Vesta, Fallow.png Fallow, Berry Bell.png Berry Bell, Bom Barrel.png Bom Barrel, Frost Bell.png Frost Bell, Molten Dip.png Molten Dip, Shellbo.png Shellbo, Spore Pack.png Spore Pack, Sunlight Drum.png Sunlight Drum, Supersnower.png Supersnower, Bigfoot.png Bigfoot, Bulbhead.png Bulbhead, Porkypine.png Porkypine, Pygmy.png Pygmy, Bigloo.png Bigloo, Bumbo.png Bumbo, Frost Bomber.png Frost Bomber Pom.png Pom, Gachapomper.png Gachapomper, Pomegranate Charm.png Pomegranate Charm
Longshot When the card attacks, it hits the furthest enemy in the opposing row, instead of the front one. No Items can have or gain Longshot. Leaders, Snowbirb.png Snowbirb None

General Interactions

  • Aimless, Barrage, and Longshot are all mutually exclusive. If a card or effect would try to add one of these keywords to a card that already has one of the others, the most recently gained keyword takes priority. For instance, the Gachapomper.png Gachapomper overwrites Aimless with Barrage for all allies in the row.
  • A Charm cannot be attached to a card with one of these keywords if it would try to add one of the others. For instance, the Gnome Charm.png Gnome Charm cannot be attached to any card with Barrage.
  • Reaction.png Reactions that would trigger a card with Aimless or Barrage against a specific target will slightly change, since these cards cannot trigger against a single card. For instance, a card with Smackback and Aimless will not trigger against its attacker, but instead a random enemy in its attacker's row.
    • This interaction also allows cards with these Reactions to use excess Frenzy.png Frenzy against new targets. Normally, a card reacting against a specific other card will stop its Frenzy attacks if its target is killed partway through. Aimless and Barrage prevent the card from specifically targeting one card, so the reacting card can keep attacking even if the card that triggered it dies partway through. However, if all the cards in that row are killed in the middle of Frenzy attacks, the card will stop attacking. The card still "wants" to trigger against its intended target, but Aimless and Barrage force it to trigger against that row instead. Once the row is empty, there are no more targets.
    • Uniquely, Longshot interacts properly with targeted Reactions. For instance, a card with Longshot and Smackback still triggers appropriately against its attacker. However, it can still use its excess Frenzy even if the attacker is killed.
  • Certain Items have targeting or effects that prevent them from gaining Aimless or Barrage. These include all Items that summon Shades, target a random card(s) on one or both fields, or can only be played on cards in hand.
    • A card that hits all enemies, such as B.I.N.K.png B.I.N.K, cannot gain Barrage but can gain Aimless. In this case, the card will behave as any other Aimless card does; a field card will hit a random card in the opposing row, and an Item will hit a random target in the selected row.
  • An Item with Barrage or Aimless cannot be played on cards in hand. For instance, an unmodified Pinkberry Juice.png Pinkberry Juice can be played on a Companion on the field or in hand, but if that Pinkberry Juice is equipped with the Fish Charm.png Fish Charm, it can only be played on Companions on the field.

Aimless Interactions

  • An Item with Aimless will only randomly choose between valid targets. For instance, if trying to use a Pinkberry Juice.png Pinkberry Juice with the Fish Charm.png Fish Charm attached (thus giving it Aimless), it will not attempt to give Health.png health to any Clunkers in the selected row.

Barrage Interactions

  • An attacking card with Barrage may take damage from multiple cards' Teeth.png Teeth at once. This counts as a single instance of damage for the purposes of breaking Block.png Block and Scrap.png Scrap, counting down Demonize.png Demonize, and increasing damage with Bom.png Bom. It is not treated as multiple simultaneous instances of damage.
  • If a Barrage attack triggers multiple Reaction.png Reactions in the row (such as Smackback), the Reactions will trigger in reverse turn order (back to front).
  • Any Item that normally has a single target can gain Barrage with a specific set of Charms. If it does not have an Attack.png attack stat, it must gain one with a debuff-inflicting Charm or the Hook Charm.png Hook Charm. It must then have at least 2 attack (usually accomplished with the Battle Charm.png Battle Charm), thus becoming eligible for the Pomegranate Charm.png Pomegranate Charm. Most of the time, the card behaves generally as expected, but the Blank Mask.png Blank Mask and Shade Wisp.png Shade Wisp may behave irregularly if they attempt to summon more Shades than the number of empty zones.
    • If The Lumin Vase.png The Lumin Vase gains Barrage, it can apply Lumin.png Lumin to up to 3 cards simultaneously, and they all will keep Lumin since it was applied in a single play. This is the only situation in which more than 1 card can have Lumin at once.

Damaging and Attack-Related Keywords

These keywords deal damage or modify a card's Attack.png attack in some way.

Name Field Items Cards with Keyword Sources of Keyword
Explode X When the card is destroyed, it simultaneously deals X damage to all cards in the opposing row. No Items can have or gain Explode. None Bombskull Charm.png Bombskull Charm
Faith X When the card's effect summons a Shade, that Shade immediately gains X Attack.png attack and Health.png health. None Lamb Charm.png Lamb Charm
Fury X While the card has no other allied cards in its row, its Attack.png attack is increased by X. No Items can have or gain Fury. Snowdweller Leaders Frog Charm.png Frog Charm
Greed When the card attacks, it deals 1 extra damage per 50 Bling.png Blings the player has. When the Item hits a card on the field, it deals 1 extra damage per 50 Bling.png Blings the player has. None Greed Charm.png Greed Charm
Soulbound When a card with Soulbound is sacrificed, all other cards with Soulbound simultaneously take 100 damage. No Items can have or gain Soulbound. None Soulbound Skulls.png Soulbound Skulls


  • Explode deals damage at the same time as the source of damage that destroys the card, similar to Teeth.png Teeth. This means that if an attacking card has an on-trigger effect (e.g. Berry Witch.png Berry Witch), and that attacking card is killed by Explode damage, it will be destroyed before it can activate its effect.
  • Greed does not increase the card's Attack.png attack continuously, only when the card is attacking or hitting something. This is important for effects that care about a card's current attack, such as Tinkerson Jr.png Tinkerson Jr. and Forging Stove.png Forging Stove.
  • Humorously, Greed works for both allied and enemy cards. If an enemy has the Greed Charm (only possible in the Eye of the Storm), that enemy will use the player's own Blings against them.
  • On a technical level, the source of damage from Soulbound is actually the Soulbound cards themselves. When Soulbound's effect activates, all Soulbound cards deal 100 damage to themselves. However, a card is only sacrificed if killed by another allied card, so this does not activate any further on-sacrifice effects (such as Chikichi.png Chikichi and Groff.png Groff).

Restriction Keywords

Some keywords create restrictions on a card that prevent certain actions from being taken.

Name Field Items Cards with Keyword Sources of Keyword
Consume No field cards can have or gain Consume. After the Item is played and resolved, it is destroyed and can't be used again in that battle. Blank Mask.png Blank Mask, Blaze Tea.png Blaze Tea, Dragon Pepper.png Dragon Pepper, Foggy Brew.png Foggy Brew, Frostbite Shard.png Frostbite Shard, Gigi's Cookie Box.png Gigi's Cookie Box, Leech Mask.png Leech Mask, Molten Dip.png Molten Dip, Noomlin Biscuit.png Noomlin Biscuit, Nutshell Cake.png Nutshell Cake, Pom Mask.png Pom Mask, Shade Clay.png Shade Clay, Sheepopper Mask.png Sheepopper Mask, Skullmist Tea.png Skullmist Tea, Snowcake.png Snowcake, Suncream.png Suncream, Tigris Mask.png Tigris Mask, Gunk Fruit.png Gunk Fruit Cake Charm.png Cake Charm, Frenzy Charm.png Frenzy Charm, Molten Egg Charm.png Molten Egg Charm, Bread Charm.png Bread Charm
Hogheaded The card cannot be recalled from the field to the discard pile. No Items can have or gain Hogheaded. Spike.png Spike Numskull.png Numskull, Hog Charm.png Hog Charm
Recycle X No field cards can have or gain Recycle. The Item can't be played unless the player's hand contains at least X Junk.png Junk. When the card is played, it destroys that many Junk cards in hand from right to left. Frenzy Wrench.png Frenzy Wrench, Gigi's Gizmo.png Gigi's Gizmo, Haze Keg.png Haze Keg, Suncream.png Suncream, Sunsong Box.png Sunsong Box, Supersnower.png Supersnower Recycle Charm.png Recycle Charm
Summoned The card cannot be recalled from the field to the discard pile. At the end of each turn, if the card triggered that turn, it loses 1 Health.png health. No Items can have or gain Summoned. All Shades Blank Mask.png Blank Mask, Shade Wisp.png Shade Wisp


  • Junk.png Junk is destroyed by Recycle before the card hits or applies to its target(s).
  • Recycle is a numerical effect, so effects like the Lumin Ring.png Lumin Ring will increase the card's effects and its Recycle cost. With large effect boosts like the Cake Charm.png Cake Charm, a Recycle card may become almost completely unplayable.
  • If a Recycle card has Frenzy.png Frenzy, the Recycle cost is only paid once when playing the card. The extra plays from Frenzy will resolve without requiring or destroying any more Junk.
  • A Summoned card loses 1 current Health.png health at the end of each turn it triggers, not maximum health.
  • Even if a Summoned card triggers multiple times within a single turn (such as with Frenzy.png Frenzy), it still only loses 1 health at the end of that turn.
  • A Summoned card will still lose health at the end of the turn if it triggers without a target to attack or apply effects to.
  • If a Summoned card becomes Ink.png Inked, it can be recalled like any other card. Even though Shades are temporary cards that are not truly part of the deck, Shades recalled in this way behave normally and can be redeployed like any other Companion or Clunker.

Miscellaneous Keywords

These keywords have various effects.

Name Field Items Cards with Keyword Sources of Keyword
Cleanse Removes all debuffs from the target(s). Bonnie.png Bonnie, Berry Basket.png Berry Basket None
Critical No field cards can have or gain Critical. If the Item is the rightmost card in hand, its numerical effects are doubled. Clockwork Bom.png Clockwork Bom, Snowzooka.png Snowzooka Critical Charm.png Critical Charm
Draw X The player draws X cards. Sneezle.png Sneezle Gigi's Gizmo.png Gigi's Gizmo, Gear Charm.png Gear Charm, Pinch Charm.png Pinch Charm
Noomlin The card does not end the player's turn when played. Grabber.png Grabber, Mini Muncher.png Mini Muncher Noomlin Biscuit.png Noomlin Biscuit, Noomlin Charm.png Noomlin Charm
Smackback A Reaction.png Reaction that causes the card to trigger against cards on the field that hit it. No Items can have or gain Smackback. Snowdweller and Shademancer Leaders, Gogong.png Gogong, Warthog.png Warthog, Spike Wall.png Spike Wall Punchfist Charm.png Punchfist Charm
Spark The card triggers immediately when deployed. No Items can have or gain Spark. None Spark Charm.png Spark Charm
Trash X Creates X Junk.png Junk to the left of the player's hand. Clunkmaster Leaders, Folby.png Folby, Scaven.png Scaven, Bom Barrel.png Bom Barrel, Proto-Stomper.png Proto-Stomper, Junkhead.png Junkhead Gear Charm.png Gear Charm, Trash Charm.png Trash Charm
Yank Pulls the targeted card to the front of its row. Clunkmaster Leaders, Grabber.png Grabber Hook Charm.png Hook Charm


  • Critical can modify most numerical effects, but not all of them. Effects that can be modified are written in orange, while numbers not written in orange can't be modified. For instance, the Storm Globe.png Storm Globe has "Apply 4 Snow.png Snow" and "Reduce by 1 when played," but Critical will only increase the inflicted Snow, not the base amount lost.
    • However, Critical also applies last after other value-modifying effects, so an effect that gains or loses value will effectively gain or lose twice as much value. For instance, a Critical Storm Globe will inflict 8 Snow when played (4 base Snow, then increased to 8), and then loses 2 Snow (reduced to 3 base Snow, then increased to 6).
  • Critical does not multiply together with Lumin.png Lumin to quadruple the card's effects. Instead, each increases the card's base effects by 100%, so they will triple the card's effects.
    • Lumin also applies after other value-modifying effects. A Critical Storm Globe with Lumin will inflict 12 Snow when played (4 base Snow, increased to 12), and then loses 1 Snow (reduced to 3 base Snow, then increased to 9).
  • If a Draw ability would make the player draw more cards than are remaining in the deck, they will draw as many cards as possible, shuffle their discard pile, and draw the remainder. If there are no cards in the deck or discard pile, the card displays a "No Cards to Draw!" message.
  • Spark causes the deployed card to trigger before the natural turn countdown. For instance, if Foxee.png Foxee has Spark and is deployed, they will immediately attack and then count down during the turn countdown. If the Spark card has a maximum Counter.png Counter of 1, it will attack again in the same turn it was deployed due to the turn countdown.
  • Bosses that take up 2 zones cannot be Yanked if they would displace more than 1 other card at a time. Other enemies in the battle also cannot be Yanked if they would displace enemies such that the boss would take up 2 non-adjacent zones.
  • A card with both Yank and Barrage will reverse the order of cards in the row (the furthest back will move to the front, and the most forward will be pushed to the back).
    • Notably, a card that has Barrage cannot gain Yank from the Hook Charm.png Hook Charm, but a card with Yank can still gain Barrage from Pom.png Pom, the Gachapomper.png Gachapomper, or the Pomegranate Charm.png Pomegranate Charm.
    • Reaction.png Reactions that are triggered in response to a hit, such as Smackback, are triggered from back to front when simultaneously triggered by Barrage. However, if that row is Yanked in this way, the Reaction order is set before the cards are moved from being Yanked, resulting in them appearing to trigger from front to back.
      • The order for the Reactions to simultaneously trigger also does not update between Frenzy.png Frenzy attacks. If the card with Yank and Barrage has Frenzy, the order of Reactions will reverse with each attack (the first set of Reactions will trigger front to back, the next will trigger back to front, and so on).

Enemy-Specific Keywords

Certain keywords are only found on enemy cards. These are usually specific to certain fights.

Name Description Enemies
Absorb Gain an ally's Attack.png attack, Health.png health, abilities, and status effects. Woolly Drek.png Woolly Drek
Backline The card always deploys to the back of the row. Krunker.png Krunker (both phases)
Bombard While the card is active, zones on the field are outlined in red. When the card attacks, it hits all the outlined zones, instead of the front one. Krunker.png Krunker (both phases)
Frontline The card always deploys to the front of the row, pushing back other cards in the row if needed. Spike Wall.png Spike Wall
Split The card divides into two copies of itself that have half as much Health.png health and status effects, rounded up. Truffle.png Truffle
Unmovable The card cannot be moved around on the field. Frost Jailer.png Frost Jailer
Wild The card gains 1 Frenzy.png Frenzy whenever another card with Wild is destroyed. Bam.png Bam, Boozle.png Boozle, Hog.png Hog, Warthog.png Warthog, Razor.png Razor


  • Although Monch.png Monch uses the word "absorb," they do not have the Absorb keyword and will not gain eaten cards' abilities or statuses.
  • A card with Backline will never move forward, even if zones are empty in front of it. It also cannot be Yanked. If the card becomes Ink.png Inked and loses Backline, it will move normally, but it will return to the back of the row once the Ink wears off.
    • A card with Frontline will not prevent other cards in its row from being Yanked to the front of the row, however.
  • The zones targeted by Bombard are only rerolled after the card successfully attacks those zones. If a card with Bombard is Ink.png Inked, thus negating Bombard, the outlined zones will not disappear. The card will still attack those zones the next time it attacks without Ink.
  • If a card with Bombard has Haze.png Haze, it will attack a random ally when triggering, but it will also attack all the targeted zones immediately after hitting the ally.
  • A card with Unmovable can still be recalled from the field. It will also move into a new zone if a card is deployed or summoned into the zone it occupies.
  • Cards with Wild will gain Frenzy.png Frenzy whenever another card on the field with Wild is destroyed, even if that card was on the opposite field.
  • An Inked card with Wild will not grant Frenzy to other Wild cards when destroyed. Likewise, destroying other Wild cards will not cause the Inked Wild card to gain Frenzy.

Special Keywords

These keywords reflect a card's current status, rather than giving it abilities.

Name Description Causes
Injured An injured Companion starts battles at half of their max Health.png health and Attack.png attack, rounded up. They will heal completely after surviving a battle (whether they are played or not). If they are destroyed again, they will simply remain injured. Bell of Death, Injured Companion Map event

Hidden Keywords

These keywords are used as conditions to activate or apply certain effects.

Name Description
Active A card is active while it is on the field.
Ally A card's allies are other cards on its side of the field.
Apply A card applies debuffs as it triggers or is played.
Deploy A card is deployed when it is put onto the field from the hand, is summoned, or enters the battle as an enemy.
Healed A card is healed when its Health.png health is restored, or when its maximum health is increased.
Hit A card is hit when it is attacked by another card on the field with an Attack.png attack stat or when hit by an Item with an attack stat.
Sacrifice A card is sacrificed if a card on its side of the field kills it (or the player's Item kills an allied card). Sacrificed cards display a skull icon when destroyed.


  • Any effect while a card is active will stop immediately when that card leaves the field.
  • Debuffs that are applied on hit, such as Snoof.png Snoof's Snow.png Snow, are applied immediately after damage calculation. An attack that inflicts Demonize.png Demonize or Bom.png Bom will not boost that attack, only subsequent attacks.
    • Wallop.png Wallop is a special case, as their effect also checks if their attack will inflict Snow (possible with the Snowball Charm.png Snowball Charm). In this case, Wallop always deals extra damage, even though damage calculation happens before the Snow is inflicted.
  • A card that interacts with its allies will not apply to itself. However, because Items are played from the hand, Items that interact with allies (such as Peppering.png Peppering) will apply to all possible cards on the player's field.
  • Any card with an Attack.png attack stat is considered to hit its target(s), even if no damage is dealt. Any card without an attack stat does not hit its target(s).
    • Companions and Clunkers with a Counter.png Counter but no attack stat can gain an attack of 0 if equipped with a Charm that applies a debuff on it, or if equipped with the Hook Charm.png Hook Charm. This does not cause any changes to their abilities' targeting. For instance, if Pyra.png Pyra gains an attack stat, they will still apply Spice.png Spice to the ally ahead of them after attacking. They will not apply Spice to whatever is hit by their attack, nor will they attack the ally ahead.
  • A card is considered sacrificed if an allied card is credited for killing it. Indirect sources of damage like Shroom.png Shroom and Overburn.png Overburn will also give credit, as long as the debuff was most recently inflicted by an allied card.
    • This also means that a card cannot sacrifice itself; an allied card must be what kills it. If a card kills or destroys itself (e.g. ICGM.png I.C.G.M., Moko Totem.png Moko Totem) or causes its own Health.png health or Scrap.png Scrap to become 0 or less (e.g. Bombom.png Bombom, Mega Mimik.png Mega Mimik, Plinker.png Plinker), it is not sacrificed.