Skullmist Tea

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Skullmist Tea
Skullmist Tea (Scythe).png
Attack.png Attack
Other Stats

Card Description
Kill an ally
Add their Attack.png Attack to all allies
Card Art
Skullmist Tea.png

Skullmist Tea is an item players may accumulate over a run. This card is exclusive to the Shademancers Tribe.


The Skullmist Tea can be viewed as a greatly upgraded but context-sensitive Molten Dip.png Molten Dip. It requires a sacrifice but has much greater potential for Attack.png attack gain, and the attack is granted to all allies instead of a single row. If the Bell of Death is inactive, sacrificing a Companion with high attack can be a worthwhile trade to power up everything else. A Clunker with high attack like Mega Mimik.png Mega Mimik also works, or a Shade with high attack summoned by the Shade Wisp.png Shade Wisp or Blank Mask.png Blank Mask. If Chikichi.png Chikichi or its Shades have already been sacrificed multiple times in the battle, sacrificing Chikasan.png Chikasan or Chikashi.png Chikashi gives a large attack boost while bringing out the next incarnation.

Devicro.png Devicro gains attack via their own effect when allies are sacrificed, making them gain twice as much attack from Skullmist Tea. Groff.png Groff gets twice as much benefit as well due to innate Frenzy.png Frenzy, and the sacrifice immediately triggers their Reaction.png Reaction. However, using Groff requires more consistent sources of sacrifice as well.


Other Languages

Language Official Name Translation Description
English Skullmist Tea Kill an ally
Add their Attack.png Attack to all allies
Kūwù Chá
Skull Fog Tea 击杀一名友军
使所有友军增加其Attack.png 攻击
Kūwù Chá
Skull Fog Tea 擊殺一名隊友
使所有隊友增加其Attack.png 攻擊
Korean 해골안개차
Skull Fog Tea 하나의 아군을 죽임
모든 아군에게 자신이 가진 Attack.png 공격 추가
Japanese スカルミストの茶
Sukarumisuto no Cha
Skullmist Tea 味方1体を倒す
味方全員にAttack.png アタックを追加する