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Fulbert (Fulbert).png
Health.png Health Attack.png Attack Counter.png Counter
4 1 3
Other Stats

Card Description
When Spice.png Spiced or Shell.png Shelled, apply equal Shroom.png Shroom to a random enemy
Card Art

Fulbert is a Companion that the player can bring along on a run. They are exclusive to the Snowdwellers Tribe.


Although Fulbert spreads Shroom.png Shroom across the enemy field, they must be a part of a Spice.png Spice or Shell.png Shell deck to use this effect. As a result, Fulbert doesn't really have a place in a dedicated Shroom deck, but they can extract additional value from Spice and Shell. Even though Shroom is at its strongest with high stacks, regular enemies have low enough Health.png health that even low stacks of Shroom can weaken them significantly. Once only a couple enemies remain, Fulbert can concentrate the Shroom on them to finish the fight quickly. In both cases, the goal is to not just apply high amounts of Spice or Shell to Fulbert, but to apply it multiple times to hit as many enemies with Shroom as possible. Don't neglect the main uses of Spice and Shell either, since Fulbert has a fast Counter.png Counter to take out enemies using Spice, and they can become the deck's primary tank when given Shell.

Since Fulbert will likely weaken enemies without necessarily killing them, have some Items or Barrage cards on hand to pick off weak targets so that they don't get inflicted with excess Shroom. This is particularly important for dealing with backline enemies. Alternatively, the Fungo Blaster.png Fungo Blaster prevents overkill entirely by transferring Shroom from killed enemies to new victims.

If Fulbert gains Spice or Shell multiple times from a single card or effect, their effect activates individually for each application. For instance, the Spice Stones.png Spice Stones apply 1 Spice, then apply Spice equal to the target's current Spice. This will cause Fulbert to apply Shroom twice: once for the 1 Spice added, then again for the Spice doubling. These multiple activations can choose different random targets.


Other Languages

Language Official Name Description
English Fulbert When Spice.png Spiced or Shell.png Shelld, apply equal Shroom.png Shroom to a random enemy
富尔伯特 Spice.png 辣椒Shell.png 果壳时,对随机一名敌人施加相同的Shroom.png 毒菇
富爾伯特 Spice.png 辣椒Shell.png 果殼時,對隨機一名敵人施加等同的Shroom.png 毒菇
Korean 풀버트 Spice.png 매운 고추 또는 Shell.png 껍질 효과가 적용될 시 무작위의 적 1기에게 동일한 양의 Shroom.png 독버섯 적용
Japanese フルバート Spice.png スパイスまたはShell.png シェルになった時、それと同じShroom.png シュルームをランダムな敵に与える