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Charms are equippable trinkets that can change the behavior of a single card for the remainder of a run. They can be applied from one's Inventory between battles. It's possible to open the inventory and attach a Charm mid-battle, but that Charm's effect will not count during that battle, only the following ones.

Charms can be obtained various events:

Additionally, there are many circumstances in which charms can appear on cards pre-equipped:

  • Charm Merchants, alongside their previous offerings, offer 1 card for purchase with a charm pre-equipped.
  • While Frosthand Bell is active, random non-boss enemies during boss battles are equipped with Frosthand Charm.pngFrosthand Charms.
  • While Icebourne Bell is active, random non-boss enemies through the 4th through 6th combats are equipped with Battle Charm.pngBattle Charms.
  • While Frostbourne Bell is active, random non-boss enemies through the 7th through 9th combats are equipped with Sun Charm.pngSun Charms.
  • While Dread Bell is active, random non-boss enemies are equipped with charms (from a set pool).
  • While Titan Bell is active, all minibosses and bosses come with charms (from set pools unique to each boss).
  • While Gloom Bell is active, some card rewards will come with cursed charms.

Charm Behaviors

When a Charm becomes attached to a card, it modifies the card immediately and cannot be removed or undone. A single card can have a up to 3 Charms at once. Charms do not persist between runs, except for the injured Companion event, in which a Companion from the previous failed run is found injured with all their Charms still intact.

The effect of a Charm is immediately applied to the card as it is at that point in time, and it will not be reapplied or recalculated when future modifications are applied. This makes the order that Charms are attached to a card very important. For instance, attaching the Snowball Charm.pngSnowball Charm to a Scrappy Sword adds the effect "Apply 1 Snow.png Snow". Attaching the Durian Charm.pngDurian Charm after this will cause it to lose the Snow effect and gain 4 Attack.png attack. If these Charms are applied in the reverse order (Durian Charm then Snowball Charm), the Scrappy Sword will deal 6 damage but still have the Snow effect.

Additionally, Charms cannot be attached to cards if they would modify a characteristic that the card does not have, with some exceptions. For instance, a Charm that increases the card's Scrap.png Scrap can only be attached to a Clunker card, and a Charm that increases the card's Health.png health can only be attached to Companions and Leaders. The exception to this rule are cards that don't have an Attack.png attack icon, such as Bonnie. These cards do not attack when they trigger, but by applying certain Charms to such cards, they gain an attack stat of 0. In this case, the card will become able to attack when triggering. The Charms that cause this to happen are:

Charms also cannot be attached to a card if they would grant a redundant keyword, or one that is incompatible with a keyword or ability the card has. For instance, the Pomegranate Charm.pngPomegranate Charm cannot be attached to any card that already has Barrage or Aimless, since Barrage is redundant and Aimless is incompatible with Barrage and Longshot. Similarly, the Cake Charm.pngCake Charm cannot be attached to a card that already has Consume.

Charm List

Some Charms are exclusive to specific Tribes, while others are available no matter what. The exclusive Charms are usually related to Tribe-specific mechanics.

Image Card Name Description Unlock Challenge Tribe-exclusive?
Acorn Charm.png Acorn Charm Gain 8 Shell.png Shell Unlocked by default Snowdwellers
Balance Charm.png Balance Charm Set Health.png Health, Attack.png Attack and Counter.png Counter to 3 Unlocked by default All
Battle Charm.png Battle Charm +2 Attack.png Attack Unlocked by default All
Beetle Charm.png Beetle Charm +1 Attack.png Attack
Does not take up a charm slot
Rampage Stack x10 Frenzy.png Frenzy on a single target All
Bite Charm.png Bite Charm Start with 3 Teeth.png Teeth Unlocked by default Shademancers
Bling Charm.png Bling Charm Gain 5 from each kill Unlocked by default All
Block Charm.png Block Charm Start with 1 Block.png Block Unlocked by default All
Bom Charm.png Bom Charm Apply 1 Bom.png Bom Unlocked by default Clunkmasters
Bombskull Charm.png Bombskull Charm When destroyed, deal 8 damage to enemies in the row Unlocked by default All
Boonfire Charm.png Boonfire Charm When consumed, apply 2 Overburn.png Overburn to all enemies Unlocked by default Shademancers
Cake Charm.png Cake Charm Boost effects by 4 and gain Consume Unlocked by default All
Chuckle Charm.png Chuckle Charm Remove Charm limit Gnome Friend Spare the Naked Gnome All
Cloudberry Charm.png Cloudberry Charm Restore 3 Health.png Health on kill Unlocked by default All
Critical Charm.png Critical Charm Gain Critical Undefeated Achieve a 3 Win Streak All
Durian Charm.png Durian Charm +4 Attack.png Attack
Remove all effects
Bigger Hitter Deal 100 damage in a single hit All
Fidget Charm.png Fidget Charm Replace Recycle effects with Trash and vice versa Clunkmaster Win a run with the Clunkmaster tribe Clunkmasters
Flameblade Charm.png Flameblade Charm Replace current Attack.png Attack with apply Overburn.png Overburn Unlocked by default Shademancers
Frenzy Charm.png Frenzy Charm Add x2 Frenzy.png Frenzy and gain Consume Unlocked by default All
Frog Charm.png Frog Charm Gain Fury 4 Lone Survivor Win a battle with just your Leader remaining All
Frosthand Charm.png Frosthand Charm Apply 1 Frost.png Frost Unlocked by default All
Frozen Heart Charm.png Frozen Heart Charm Start with 2 Block.png Block
Reduce Health.png Health to 1
Icemaster Stack 5 Block.png Block on a single target All
Gear Charm.png Gear Charm Gain Trash 1 and Draw 1 Unlocked by default Clunkmasters
Gnome Charm.png Gnome Charm Add x1 Frenzy.png Frenzy and gain Aimless Unlocked by default All
Goat Charm.png Goat Charm Apply 1 Demonize.png Demonize Unlocked by default All
Greed Charm.png Greed Charm Gain Greed High Roller Buy 3 Charms from a single Shop
Note: Also possible via Charm Merchant
Heart Charm.png Heart Charm +5 Health.png Health Unlocked by default All
Hog Charm.png Hog Charm Gain Hogheaded
+7 Health.png Health
Unlocked by default All
Hook Charm.png Hook Charm Gain Yank Unlocked by default All
Jewelberry Charm.png Jewelberry Charm Gain Flourish Snowdweller Win a run with the Snowdweller tribe Snowdwellers
Jimbo Charm.png Jimbo Charm Health.png Health, Attack.png Attack, Counter.png Counter are randomized between 2 and 5 Gnomebringer Win a run with the Naked Gnome on your team All
Lamb Charm.png Lamb Charm Gain Faith 2 Ritual Sacrifice 5 allies in a single battle Shademancers
Lumin Ring.png Lumin Ring Boost effects by 1 Unlocked by default All
Mime Charm.png Mime Charm Replace effects with those of a random Companion in your deck or reserve Shademancer Win a run with the Shademancer tribe Shademancers
Moko Charm.png Moko Charm Add x1 Frenzy.png Frenzy
-1 Attack.png Attack
-1 Health.png Health
Long Live the King Survive an attack from King Moko and win the battle All
Molten Egg Charm.png Molten Egg Charm Gain Consume
+5 Attack.png Attack
One Punch Defeat the Frost Guardian with a Scrappy Sword All
Moose Charm.png Moose Charm Increase Counter.png Counter by 1
+3 Attack.png Attack
Big Hitter Deal 50 damage in a single hit All
Muncher Charm.png Muncher Charm Permanently destroy the card when this is equipped Minimalist Win a battle without any cards left in your deck All
Noomlin Charm.png Noomlin Charm Gain Noomlin Unlocked by default All
Nourish Charm.png Nourish Charm When hit, restore Health.png Health by 1 Berry Good Have 30 or more Health.png Health on a single unit All
Pengu Charm.png Pengu Charm When Snow.png Snow'd, gain equal Attack.png Attack Snowball Fight Stack 15 Snow.png Snow on a single target All
Peppernut Charm.png Peppernut Charm Replace Shell.png Shell effects with Spice.png Spice and vice versa Tough Nut Stack 50 Shell.png Shell on a single target Snowdwellers
Pinch Charm.png Pinch Charm Gain Draw 2 on kill Unlocked by default All
Pomegranate Charm.png Pomegranate Charm Gain Barrage and reduce Attack.png Attack by 2 Unlocked by default All
Punchfist Charm.png Punchfist Charm Gain Smackback Unlocked by default All
Raspberry Charm.png Raspberry Charm +1 Attack.png Attack
+3 Health.png Health
Balloonist Win a Daily Voyage All
Recycle Charm.png Recycle Charm Gain Recycle 1
+4 Attack.png Attack
Unlocked by default Clunkmasters
Scorchberry Charm.png Scorchberry Charm Reduce Health.png Health by half
Increase Attack.png Attack equal to Health.png Health
Best Friends Win a run with your pet as your only active Companion All
Scrap Charm.png Scrap Charm Add 1 Scrap.png Scrap Unlocked by default Snowdwellers,
Shade Slug.png Shade Slug Apply the same effect as the last Charm applied to the card Charmless Win a run without any Charms equipped All
Shield Charm.png Shield Charm Gain 3 Shell.png Shell on kill Unlocked by default Snowdwellers
Shroom Charm.png Shroom Charm Apply 1 Shroom.png Shroom Unlocked by default Snowdwellers
Snowball Charm.png Snowball Charm Apply 1 Snow.png Snow Unlocked by default All
Spark Charm.png Spark Charm Gain Spark Sunbringer Defeat the Heart of the Storm All
Spice Charm.png Spice Charm Gain 2 Spice.png Spice when hit Unlocked by default Snowdwellers
Squid Charm.png Squid Charm Apply 2 Ink.png Ink Unlocked by default Clunkmasters
Strawberry Charm.png Strawberry Charm When consumed, add +2 Health.png Health to all allies Feed the Beast Feed the Muncher a Consume item All
Sun Charm.png Sun Charm Reduce Counter.png Counter by 1 Unlocked by default All
Sunglass Charm.png Sunglass Charm Reduce Counter.png Counter by half
Set Health.png Health to 1
Gain Fragile
Beastmaster Defeat a Boss without applying Snow.png Snow to them All
Tiger Charm.png Tiger Charm Gain 1 Teeth.png Teeth when hit Unlocked by default Shademancers
Truffle Charm.png Truffle Charm Apply 3 Shroom.png Shroom
-2 Health.png Health
Toxic Stack 20 Shroom.png Shroom on a single target Snowdwellers
Zoomlin Charm.png Zoomlin Charm Gain Zoomlin and Consume Hoarder Have 12 or more cards in your hand at once All

Cursed Charms

Cursed Charms are primarily found randomly attached to new cards when the Gloom Bell is active. They have negative effects on the card and also count towards the card's Charm limit, so a card that comes with a Cursed Charm attached can only have 2 new Charms attached.

Image Card Name Description
Bread Charm.png Bread Charm Gain Consume
Broken Charm.png Broken Charm -1 Scrap.png Scrap
Coldheart Charm.png Coldheart Charm -3 Health.png Health
Demon Eye Charm.png Demon Eye Charm Start with 1 Demonize.png Demonize
Fish Charm.png Fish Charm Gain Aimless
Frostbite Charm.png Frostbite Charm Reduce effects by 1
Frostwolf Charm.png Frostwolf Charm Start with 4 Frost.png Frost
Frozen Sun Charm.png Frozen Sun Charm Increase Counter.png Counter by 1
Lazy Charm.png Lazy Charm Reduce Frenzy.png Frenzy by x1
Ooba Charm.png Ooba Charm Start with 3 Snow.png Snow
Squidskull Charm.png Squidskull Charm Start with 4 Ink.png Ink
Trash Charm.png Trash Charm Gain Trash 1
Weakness Charm.png Weakness Charm -1 Attack.png Attack