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Card Description
When deployed, copy the effects of a random enemy in the row

Splinter is a Companion that the player can bring along on a run. They are exclusive to the Shademancers Tribe.


Splinter's ability to gain the effects of a random enemy (even Clunkers) can be a very powerful ability in the right situation. Even without a copied ability, Splinter is still proficient in dealing damage and has a reasonable Counter. However, be aware that Splinter only copies the enemy's effects and not its stats nor statuses; for instance, if Splinter copies a Conker (deal extra damage equal to Shell) then the effect may be largely irrelevant. Additionally, some enemies like Winter Worm, Popshroom, and Woolly Drek have negative effects that will drastically hinder Splinter's ability to fight.

Additionally, Splinter replaces their transformation effect with the copied enemy's effects. Once Splinter is deployed in a battle, they will have the copied enemy's effects for the rest of the fight (even if recalled and redeployed). However, any abilities they have gained from other sources will not be replaced. For instance, if Splinter gains Aimless from the Gnome Charm, they will still have Aimless even after copying an enemy.

Unique Interactions

  • If the enemy randomly selected for Splinter to copy doesn't have any abilities, Splinter will still copy their abilities (or rather, their lack thereof). This still causes Splinter to lose the transformation effect.
  • If Splinter copies a Gobling, they will drop Blings when hit and flee after attacking. This does not count as them being killed in battle, so the Bell of Death will not cause them to become injured.
  • Gaining the Frontline or Backline abilities from Spike Wall and Krunker respectively causes some strange behavior when moving and placing cards. If Splinter has Frontline, other cards in the row cannot be moved or deployed to the front of the row, but moving cards around on the field allows something else to take the front line. Backline is currently untested but presumably works similarly.
  • If Splinter does copy Krunker's abilities, they will not gain Bombard.
  • Any Reactions that Splinter gains will not prevent their Counter from working. For example, when copying Mimik, Splinter will not only trigger when an ally in the row attacks, but also when their Counter reaches zero.
  • If Splinter gains Wild, they will gain Frenzy when other Wild cards are destroyed. Likewise, other Wild cards will gain Frenzy if a Wild Splinter is defeated.


  • 1.0: Added. Description read: When deployed, copy the effects of a random enemy
  • 1.1.0: Effect changed to: When deployed, copy the effects of a random enemy in the row