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Tentickle Card.png
Health.png Health Attack.png Attack Counter.png Counter
7 4 4
Other Stats
Card Description
When hit, apply 3 Ink.png Ink to the attacker
Card Art

Tentickle is an enemy which the player can encounter during a run. It appears in the fight with The Ink Sacks. It also appears in the Eye of the Storm if the previous deck that made it to the Eye had an Ink.png Ink-related Item, such as Flask of Ink.png Flask of Ink or B.I.N.K.png B.I.N.K.


Any Companion that attacks Tentickle will be immediately Ink.png Inked, which can cause a lot of problems depending on what effect is negated. As a result, make extensive use of damaging Items to deal as much damage without being inflicted with Ink. A Companion with a sufficiently long Counter.png Counter can attack without fearing Ink as well, since the Ink will wear off in time for the next attack, but be aware of other sources of Ink in the fight, such as Octako.png Octako and Octobom.png Octobom.

Ink only counts down at the end of the turn if the card was already Inked when it experienced the turn countdown. This means that the Ink inflicted on something that hits Tentickle will not count down that turn, unless the card was triggered before the turn countdown by another source.


Tentickles have the lowest Health.png health out of all enemies with Resist Snow.png Resist Snow.


Other Languages

Language Official Name Translation Description
English Tentickle When hit, apply 3 Ink.png Ink to the attacker
Yóu Yóu
Squid 受到攻击时,对攻击者施加3 Ink.png 墨水
Yóu Yóu
Squid 受到攻擊時,對攻擊者施加3 Ink.png 墨水
Korean 간질촉수
Tickle Tentacle 피격 시, 공격자에게 3 Ink.png 잉크 부여
Japanese テンティクル
Tentickle 攻撃された時、攻撃者に3 Ink.png インクを与える