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Scrap.png Scrap is a stat exclusive to Clunkers. It functions in place of Health.png health.

Information and Strategy

Although Scrap is an analog to health, it behaves much more like Block.png Block. Whenever a Clunker takes any amount of damage from any source, it loses only 1 Scrap, no matter how great the damage. If hit by a card with 0 or less Attack.png attack, the Clunker loses no Scrap. However, like health, once a Clunker loses all its Scrap, it is destroyed. This makes Clunkers both surprisingly tanky and extremely weak; a Clunker like Woodhead.png Woodhead could block a 27-damage hit but falls to three 1-damage hits.

Scrap Interactions

Unlike Block, Scrap is lost at the same time health would be lost. This means that Block and Shell.png Shell take damage before Scrap does. If a Clunker takes more damage than it has Shell, it will lose 1 Scrap as well as all the Shell.

Because Scrap takes the place of health, if a Clunker becomes afflicted with any amount of Overburn.png Overburn, it immediately explodes. The explosion still only removes 1 Scrap. If the Clunker survives its own explosion by having more than 1 Scrap, all its Overburn is cleared after the explosion.

Damage dealt to Scrap is not actually prevented, and cards and effects that scale with damage dealt will still function normally. For instance, hitting a Clunker with the Berry Blade.png Berry Blade will still restore 4 health to the front ally, even though the effective damage was 1 Scrap. Demonize.png Demonize and Bom.png Bom will increase the damage dealt to an afflicted Clunker appropriately, but it will still never lose more than 1 Scrap at a time. Hitting a Clunker with the Berry Blade while it has Demonize and 4 Bom will deal 16 damage and restore 16 health to the front ally, and the Clunker will lose 1 Scrap.

Having Scrap instead of health means that Clunkers cannot be targeted or affected by any card or effect that would directly modify a card's health, such as Pinkberry Juice.png Pinkberry Juice or Nutshell Cake.png Nutshell Cake.

Other Languages

Language Official Name
Sùi piàn
Sùi piàn
Korean 폐목재
Japanese スクラップ

Cards and effects that interact with Scrap

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