Berry Blade

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Berry Blade
Berry Blade (BerryBlade).png
Health.png Health Attack.png Attack Counter.png Counter
Other Stats
Card Description
Restore Health.png Health to front ally equal to damage dealt

Berry Blade is an item players may accumulate over a run.


The Berry Blade is a strong Item that combines good healing and good damage, and as such it is a generically useful card in many decks. Since its healing scales with the damage dealt, anything that can increase the damage (such as Demonize, Bom, or Charms) allows it to heal that much more.

The description for the Berry Blade is not entirely clear about its effect: it heals the front ally in the same row as whatever was hit; it cannot heal on the diagonal if the row is empty. This also means that using the Berry Blade on a boss that occupies two zones (such as Bamboozle or Infernoko) will heal the front allies in both rows.

Even if the Berry Blade hits something with Scrap or Block, the amount recovered is still the damage that would have been dealt if the enemy did not have Scrap or Block. For instance, using it on a Spike Wall that has Demonize will cause the front ally to recover 8 health, even though the effective damage dealt was 1 Scrap. It will also heal the front ally even if it is used to attack an ally, giving it a niche use in sacrificial Shademancer decks. Hitting the front ally with the Berry Blade will deal damage to them and immediately recover that much health, which can be useful in a pinch to trigger on-hit effects. Note that if the Berry Blade hits the front ally and kills them, the front spot in that row will be considered empty for the Berry Blade's healing (as any card behind the front cannot move forward into the empty slot until the Berry Blade is resolved).