Punchfist Charm

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Punchfist Charm
Punchfist Charm.png
Charm Description
Gain Smackback

Punchfist Charm is a Charm that the player can collect on a run.


Unlocked by default.


Smackback is an extremely powerful ability to give a card, allowing it to bypass its Counter.png Counter via a Reaction.png Reaction. The Punchfist Charm is best used for Companions that have good Health.png health and high Attack.png attack or strong effects. Companions like Fungun.png Fungun, Shen.png Shen, and Biji.png Biji who intentionally get hit to strengthen their effects can strike back immediately, while cards with extremely long Counters like Nom & Stompy.png Nom & Stompy and ICGM.png I.C.G.M. can wreak their havoc far faster than intended.

The Totem of the Goat.png Totem of the Goat pairs fantastically with Smackback, as the attacker will be Demonize.png Demonized before the card strikes back.

If a card already has a Reaction (other than Smackback), such as Nova.png Nova or Knuckles.png Knuckles, attaching the Punchfist Charm will not overwrite the existing Reaction. Because the card keeps its original Reaction but also gains Smackback, it can trigger by either Reaction.


Other Languages

Language Official Name Translation Description
English Punchfist Charm Gain Smackback
Chōngquán Guàshì
Punch Pendant 获得 反击
Chōngquán Guàshì
Punch Pendant 獲得 反擊
Korean 주먹 부적
Jumeok Bujeok
Fist Amulet 반격 속성 부여
Japanese パンチフィストのお守り
Panchifisuto no Omamori
Punchfist Talisman オカエシを得る