Lumin Ring

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Lumin Ring
Lumin Ring.png
Charm Description
Boost effects by 1

Lumin Ring is a Charm that the player can collect on a run.


Unlocked by default.


Since the Lumin Ring increases all a card's effects by a flat 1 point, it is best used for cards whose effects are balanced around being very low, such as Tiny Tyko and the Heartmist Station. Alternatively, if the card has multiple numerical effects (such as those gained from other Charms), increasing all of them at once can boost the card's power substantially.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Translation Description
English Lumin Ring Boost effects by 1
Míngguāng Zhǐhuán
Ring Of Bright Light 将效果提升1
Guānghuī Zhǐhuán
Ring Of Glory 將效果提升1
Korean 빛나는 반지
Bitnaneun Banji
Shining Ring 효과를 1 증폭
Japanese ルーミンの指輪
Rūmin no Yubiwa
Lumin Ring エフェクトの量を1 上昇する