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Health.png Health is a stat used by Leaders, Companions, Shades, and most enemies. When a card's health reaches 0 or less, it is destroyed and removed from the battle.

Damage and Loss of Health

The most common way for a card to lose health is to be hit by another card on the field with at least 1 Attack.png attack. However, there are many other ways to lose health as well:

If a card has Shell.png Shell, the Shell is deducted before health when it takes damage, and excess damage will be dealt to its health. If the card has Block.png Block, the Block is deducted per instance of damage and no damage is dealt to Shell or health.


Just as cards can lose health by taking damage, certain cards and Charms can heal cards and allow them to survive more damage. There are two ways to recover health:

  • Cards and effects that "restore" health (e.g. Berry Basket.png Berry Basket) recover a card's missing health. This is capped at the card's maximum health, and excess healing has no effect. For instance, using the Berry Basket to heal a card at 5 out of 6 health brings it to 6 health. It will not bring the card to 7 health.
  • Cards and effects that "increase" health (e.g. Pinkberry Juice.png Pinkberry Juice) raise a card's maximum health for the battle and restore that much health. For instance, using Pinkberry Juice on a card at 5 out of 6 health brings it to 9 out of 10 health.

Both of these count as "healing" that card, so effects that activate when healed, such as Heartforge.png Heartforge and Lil Berry.png Lil' Berry, will activate in each case.

A card can also be healed by recalling it, which removes the card from the field and puts it into the discard pile. This recovers a flat 5 health and removes all debuffs from it, as though it were Cleansed (so effects like Frost.png Frost are removed, but positive statuses like Frenzy.png Frenzy are not). Recalling a card does not activate on-heal effects. Cards with Hogheaded or Summoned cannot be recalled and thus cannot recover health or have statuses removed in this way.

If a card gains Flourish from the Jewelberry Charm.pngJewelberry Charm, any effect that restores its health also increases its maximum health by that same amount, as though the source of healing read "increase health by (amount)" instead of "restore health by (amount)."


Once a card's health reaches 0 or less, it is immediately destroyed and removed from the battle. Effects that would activate when that card is hit will still activate, such as Teeth.png Teeth or an ability like Grumps.png Grumps's. However, if the card has a Reaction.png Reaction that would trigger when hit, the card is destroyed before it can react. If a card reaches 0 health while it is attacking, any abilities that would have activated when it triggered will not activate. For instance, if Booshu.png Booshu attacks an enemy but dies due to the enemy's Teeth, Booshu will not restore health to the team. However, any debuffs that would have been applied on hit will still be inflicted. For instance, if Loki.png Loki attacks an enemy and dies from its Teeth, the enemy will still be Demonize.png Demonized. If a card dies that was in the middle of Frenzy.png Frenzy attacks or that had a Reaction triggered multiple times, the card is destroyed before it can finish attacking.

A card is also destroyed if its health is 0 or less while in hand. The most common way for this to happen is the Nutshell Cake.png Nutshell Cake, but the Shade Slug.pngShade Slug can also reduce a Companion's base health to 0 if copying the Moko Charm.pngMoko Charm or Truffle Charm.pngTruffle Charm.

Unique Interactions

Shades are special among cards in that their Summoned ability causes them to passively lose health. Whenever a Shade triggers, it will lose 1 health at the end of that turn. This reduction is to its current health and not max health, so it can be restored, but since it is not a source of direct damage it will ignore the Shade's Shell and Block. The Shade also does not lose more than 1 health if it triggers multiple times within the turn (most common with Frenzy.png Frenzy).

A card's current or maximum health can be negative, mainly for the purpose of Berry Blade.png Berry Blade and Berry Sis.png Berry Sis. Both of these cards' abilities will interact as expected with negative health. If the Berry Blade hits an enemy at 2 health, the enemy's health will become -2 and the Berry Blade will restore 4 health. Likewise, if Berry Sis takes 50 damage from a hit and goes to -42 health, they will add 50 health to a random ally.

Although Shell.png Shell and Block.png Block prevent damage, they do not prevent direct loss of health, such as by Leech.png Leech or Nutshell Cake.png Nutshell Cake. While damage causes loss of health, loss of health is not necessarily damage. Direct loss of health completely bypasses Shell and Block, but since it is not damage, it also is not increased by Demonize.png Demonize or Bom.png Bom. If a card loses health in this way and its health becomes 0 or less, it is immediately destroyed regardless of its Shell or Block. This also occurs if the card is in hand, so using the Nutshell Cake on a Companion in hand with 2 or less health will destroy them.

Cards and effects that interact with Health

Player effects that restore or change max health Player effects that interact with health or healing Enemy cards that restore, modify, or interact with health or healing

Other Languages

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