Spark Charm

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Spark Charm
Spark Charm.png
Charm Description
Gain Spark

Spark Charm is a Charm that the player can collect on a run.


Defeat the Heart of the Storm.


The Spark Charm is a truly unique Charm, allowing the attached card to completely bypass its Counter.png Counter and/or Reaction.png Reaction when deployed. As a result, it is extremely valuable for cards that have powerful effects or high damage when triggered. It can also be attached to any Clunkers that have Counters or Reactions. Some choice examples are Pyra.png Pyra, Monch.png Monch, Bombom.png Bombom, Hazeblazer.png Hazeblazer, and Nom & Stompy.png Nom & Stompy. The ICGM.png I.C.G.M. is perhaps the most powerful card that can be used, completely ignoring its 13-turn Counter and dealing 40 damage on the spot.

With a very thin deck, it may be advantageous to repeatedly recall and redeploy a Companion with the Spark Charm, treating them like an Item. The Sun Bells of Hands, the Bell, and Recall make it easier to redraw a recalled Companion, and the Noomlin Biscuit.png Noomlin Biscuit and Noomlin Charm.png Noomlin Charm allow the card to be freely deployed.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Translation Description
English Spark Charm Gain Spark
Huǒhuā Guàshì
Sparkle Pendant 获得 火花
Huǒhuā Guàshì
Sparkle Pendant 獲得 火花
Korean 불꽃 부적
Bulkkot Bujeok
Flame Amulet 불꽃 획득
Japanese スパークのお守り
Supāku no Omamori
Spark Amulet スパークを得る