The Toothy Shades

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The Toothy Shades Fight

The Toothy Shades is one of the possible fifth fights a player can run into. The fight is won when the Miniboss, Maw Jaw, is defeated.


The Toothy Shades unsurprisingly center around Teeth.png Teeth, making them a tricky fight to navigate. Marrow grants Teeth to all other enemies, and Smog makes all the player’s cards Aimless, so it is difficult to prioritize any targets that aren't alone in the row. Smog also overwrites Barrage, shutting down crowd control Companions. Marrow is generally the higher-priority threat, since a full board of enemies with Teeth is extremely dangerous, especially to Companions with Frenzy.png Frenzy. Defeating Smog first also means that cards can regain Barrage, thus taking multiple times as much damage from Teeth. Paw Paws and Grombles mostly serve as minor annoyances to Aimlessly hit, but they can still deal respectable damage if unchecked. Once Maw Jaw appears, it aims to capitalize on Smog’s Aimless by counterattacking whenever it is randomly hit.

Since Teeth is such a prevalent mechanic in the fight, Companions that deal a lot of damage in a single hit are preferable for minimizing Teeth damage, and healing and Shell.png Shell effects help alleviate that damage. Items with high Attack.png attack are also valuable, as they can deal damage without being punished by Teeth. Effects that inflict Shroom.png Shroom, Demonize.png Demonize, and Bom.png Bom are especially useful for getting the most damage out of each attack. File:Ink.png|x20px|sub|link=Ink]]]] Ink|Ink]]]] makes the fight significantly easier, negating Marrow’s Teeth, Smog’s Aimless, and Maw Jaw’s counterattack. Snow.png Snow, particularly Snowcake.png Snowcake, puts Maw Jaw out of the fight and makes it completely safe to attack it.

Maw Jaw's Reaction.png Reaction may appear to just be the same as Smackback, but there are several key differences. Maw Jaw does not trigger specifically against the card that attacks it, but instead triggers normally and hits the front card in its row. It also triggers whenever hit by Items, not just by cards on the field. Having a defensive Companion in the front of the row allows ones with lower Health.png health to attack from the back of the row, since Maw Jaw will only hit the front card.

The Gachapomper.png Gachapomper is a uniquely powerful card in this fight, due to the mechanics of how Aimless and Barrage overwrite each other. Whichever ability was last applied takes precedence, so deploying the Gachapomper while Smog is on the field will cause the cards in its row to lose Aimless and gain Barrage. Likewise, if Smog arrives while the Gachapomper is on the field, it will overwrite Barrage with Aimless. However, moving the Gachapomper to the other row causes affected cards to lose Barrage, but moving it back reapplies the buff and overwrites Smog again. As a result, having the Gachapomper will completely trivialize Smog’s ability, although be aware of Marrow’s Teeth nonetheless.


Image Card Name Health.png Health Attack.png Attack Counter.png Counter Other Description
Gromble 12 2 2
Marrow 14 2 4 While active, add 2 Teeth.png Teeth to all allies
Paw Paw.png
Paw Paw 10 1 3 When hit, gain 2 Teeth.png Teeth
Smog 10 5 6 While active, add Aimless to all enemies
Gobling 6 4 Escape from the battle
Drop 4 when hit
Maw Jaw.png
Maw Jaw 30 5 4 Trigger when hit

Enemy Waves

The encounter consists of three waves. These are all possible enemy spawns each wave. Waves that spawn with a fixed order are marked in bold.

Wave number Possible waves
Wave 1 1 Marrow, 1 Smog, 1 Gromble
1 Smog, 1 Marrow, 1 Gromble
Wave 2 2 Paw Paws, 1 Gobling
Wave 3 Maw Jaw, 1 Smog, 1 Gromble
Maw Jaw, 1 Gromble, 1 Smog
Maw Jaw, 1 Smog, 1 Paw Paw
Maw Jaw, 1 Paw Paw, 1 Smog

Other Languages

Language Official Name
Lì chǐ yīn yǐng
Lì chǐ yīn yǐng
Korean 이빨난 셰이드들
Ippalnan Syeideudeul
Japanese 大歯の陰
Dai Ha no In