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Snow.png Snow is a debuff applied by many cards. A Snowed card's Counter.png Counter cannot count down, and its Reaction.png Reactions cannot trigger. At the end of the turn, a Snowed card's Snow counts down by 1.

Information and Strategy

Snow is the most common status effect in the game. All three Tribes start with at least one card that applies Snow and can gain more such cards, and many enemies are also able to inflict it. When applying Snow to enemies, try to target powerful enemies or enemies that will trigger soon, in order to delay their activation. However, many powerful enemies have Resist Snow.png Resist Snow, limiting how useful Snow is against them. When trying to deal with Snow applied by enemies, the opposite strategy applies: move cards around so that weak cards or those that will not trigger soon are hit with Snow.

Snow Interactions

A Snowed card's Snow will only count down if it experienced the turn countdown while it was already Snowed. If it became Snowed after it counted down, the Snow will not count down that turn. Since Items are played before the turn countdown, inflicting Snow with an Item will cause the card's Snow to count down, but inflicting it with a Companion will not, since Companions count down after enemies. Wallop.png Wallop and the Stormbear Spirit.png Stormbear Spirit care about cards having Snow during the player's turn, so this distinction is important to keep in mind.

If a card with Resist Snow.png Resist Snow becomes Snowed by a Companion (thus remaining Snowed through the next turn), and a Companion inflicts it with Snow again in that next turn, it will still count its Snow down at the end of the turn. The card was already Snowed before it experienced the turn countdown, so its Snow will still count down even though more was inflicted after it counted down. This means that even with Companions that inflict Snow every single turn, it is impossible to permanently stall enemies with Resist Snow without using any Items; the enemies will only lose half of their turns instead.

If an Item's effect would reduce a Snowed card's Counter, it cannot be played. If a Counter-reducing Item does not target the Snowed card, it still has no effect. For instance, the Sun Rod.png Sun Rod cannot be used on a Snowed card, and using the Sunlight Drum.png Sunlight Drum will fail to count down its Counter. If a Snowed card has an effect that counts down its Counter (such as Nom & Stompy.png Nom & Stompy and Grog.png Grog), its Counter will not count down by its effect even if the conditions are met.

In addition to freezing a card's Counter, Snow also prevents Reaction.png Reactions from working, such as Smackback. This means that Snow can shut down cards like Warthog.png Warthog or Maw Jaw.png Maw Jaw, allowing the player to freely attack without fear of being countered. Cards also cannot react to a hit if the hit inflicts them with Snow, as they are Snowed before they can trigger. However, Snow only prevents Reactions; any other abilities or effects that activate when hit, such as Teeth.png Teeth or abilities like Bolgo.png Bolgo's attack gain, will still activate as normal.

Cards and effects that interact with Snow

Player effects that apply Snow Player effects that interact with Snow Enemy cards that use Snow

Other Languages

Language Official Name
Xuě qíu
Bīng xuě
Korean 눈 효과
Nun Hyogwa
Japanese スノー