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Teeth.png Teeth is a buff applied by some Shademancer cards. When a card with Teeth is hit by another card on the field, it simultaneously deals damage back to its attacker equal to Teeth.

Information and Strategy

Teeth is an effect exclusive to the Shademancer Tribe. Unlike traditional Attack.png attack, the damage dealt by Teeth scales with how frequently the enemies attack, instead of how often the card itself attacks. This makes it useful for enemies with weak attack that attack quickly, and for dealing damage to backline enemies when they attack.

Teeth Interactions

Cards that have effects when they trigger will not get the chance to activate their effects if they die from hitting a card with Teeth. For instance, if a Shell Witch.png Shell Witch attacks a player card with Teeth and dies from the Teeth damage, it will not apply Shell.png Shell to its allies. However, debuffs that are inflicted on hit will still be inflicted. For instance, if Snoof.png Snoof attacks an enemy and dies due to its Teeth, it will still inflict Snow.png Snow on the enemy.

Since the damage dealt by Teeth is dealt simultaneously with the damage the attacker deals, an attacking card will still suffer Teeth damage on the hit that kills the card with Teeth. This makes damage from Teeth completely unavoidable for attacking cards, as Snow.png Snow and Ink.png Ink have no effect on Teeth.

If a card with Barrage hits multiple cards that have Teeth, it will take damage equal to the total Teeth of the enemies hit. This counts as a single instance of damage for the purposes of breaking Block.png Block and Scrap.png Scrap, counting down Demonize.png Demonize, and increasing damage with Bom.png Bom. It is not treated as multiple simultaneous instances of damage.

Cards and effects that interact with Teeth

Player effects that apply Teeth Player effects that interact with Teeth Enemy cards that use Teeth


Other Languages

Language Official Name
Lì chǐ
Lì chǐ
Korean 이빨
Japanese カミツキ