Cloudberry Charm

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Cloudberry Charm
Cloudberry Charm.png
Charm Description
Restore 3 Health.png Health on kill

Cloudberry Charm is a Charm that the player can collect on a run.


Unlocked by default.


The Cloudberry Charm is a bit more niche compared to the similar Shield Charm.png Shield Charm, as its healing cannot exceed the Companion's maximum Health.png health. This makes it mostly irrelevant for offensive Companions that have low health, and instead it should be used for Companions that can fulfill a dual offense-defense role, such as Lil Berry.png Lil' Berry, Bombom.png Bombom, Monch.png Monch, and Fungun.png Fungun. The Cloudberry Charm also triggers if the card kills allies, so Monch in particular gets fantastic value out of it.


  • 1.0: Added
  • 1.1.0: Effect increased from 2 to 3

Other Languages

Language Official Name Translation Description
English Cloudberry Charm Restore 3 Health.png Health on kill
Yúnméi Guàshì
Cloudberry Pendant 每次击杀恢复3 Health.png 生命值
Yúnméi Guàshì
Cloudberry Pendant 每次擊殺,回復3 Health.png 血量
Korean 호로딸기 부적
Horottalgi Bujeok
Cloudberry Talisman 적을 죽이면 3 Health.png 체력 회복
Japanese クラウドベリーのお守り
Kuraudoberī no Omamori
Cloudberry Amulet 敵を倒した時に3 Health.png 体力を回復する