Durian Charm

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Durian Charm
Durian Charm.png
Charm Description
+4 Attack.png Attack
Remove all effects

Durian Charm is a Charm that the player can collect on a run.


Deal 100 damage in a single hit.


The Durian Charm is a situational charm but incredibly effective in the right context. Removing effects and keywords from a card is generally not worthwhile, but some cards have no effects or even negative effects. For instance, negating the effects of Jumbo.png Jumbo or Bombom.png Bombom will cause them to lose Barrage but gives them much higher stats than similar cards, without any of their drawbacks. The Durian Charm also does not remove any statuses that are innate to a card, such as Alloy.png Alloy’s Bom.png Bom or Chompom.png Chompom’s Shell.png Shell. This makes it particularly valuable for cards with Frenzy.png Frenzy, such as Foxee.png Foxee and Slapcrackers.png Slapcrackers, as these cards will still keep their Frenzy even after losing all effects.

Perhaps the Durian Charm’s greatest strength is how it interacts with other Charms, as Charms like the Gnome Charm.pngGnome Charm and Molten Egg Charm.pngMolten Egg Charm give a significant power boost with a drawback. Applying the Durian Charm afterwards will remove the drawbacks while still keeping the power boost; for instance, applying the Molten Egg Charm and the Durian Charm (in that order) to Slapcrackers will result in it dealing 10 damage with 4 Frenzy and no downsides. The Durian Charm also will not prevent effects from being added to the card later through other Charms.

Like all Charms, the Durian Charm does not interact with any Charms that become attached afterwards. Charms that grant abilities, such as the Snowball Charm.pngSnowball Charm and Mime Charm.pngMime Charm, can be attached to the card afterwards to give it new abilities on top of the attack boost.


Gunk Fruit.png Gunk Fruit shares the same flavor text as Junk.png Junk, but it is not normally visible since Gunk Fruit has effect text. Attaching the Durian Charm to Gunk Fruit removes its effects and makes the flavor text visible.


Other Languages

Language Official Name Translation Description
English Durian Charm +4 Attack.png Attack
Remove all effects
Liúlián Guàshì
Durian Ornaments +4 Attack.png 攻击
Liúlián Guàshì
Durian Ornaments +4 Attack.png 攻擊移除所有效果
Korean 두리안 부적
Durian Bujeok
Durian Amulet +4 Attack.png 공격
모든 효과가 제거됨
Japanese ドリアンのお守り
Dorian no Omamori
Durian Amulet +4 Attack.png アタック