Inventors Hut

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The Inventors Hut

The Inventor's Hut is a building in Snowdwell. It's the third structure in town, and is found above the Pet House on the right-hand side of town. Players can see unlocked Item or Clunker cards, examine them, and the next challenge available.

The place is run by Plyus. They will craft new items as the player completes challenges.


Challenge requirement: Hit the Redraw Bell 10 times

The Inventor's Hut is the second structure to be built in Snowdwell. It begins construction after the Pet House is unlocked. Once built, players can begin unlocking new cards.


The Inventor's Hut is where players can unlock up to six Items and Clunkers. When unlocked, these cards will be added to the pool of cards players may find in a run. Like other buildings, the cards must be unlocked in sequence. This means the current challenge must be completed before the next one is discovered.

Image Card Name Challenge
Slapcrackers Achieve a 3x kill combo
Kobonker Add 3 Clunkers to your deck
Grabber Kill 20 enemies with Items
Scrap Pile.png
Scrap Pile Block 10 hits with Clunkers
Mega Mimik.png
Mega Mimik Apply 60 Shell.png Shell
Krono Buy 10

Other Languages

Language Official Name
Fā míng jiā xiǎo wū
Fā míng xiǎo wū
Korean 발명가의 거처
Balmyeonggaui Geocheo
Japanese 発明家の小屋
Hatsumeika no Koya