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Demonize.png Demonize is a debuff applied by some cards. If a Demonized card would take at least 1 damage from anything, it instead takes twice that much damage and its Demonize counts down by 1.

Information and Strategy

Demonize doesn’t have cards that directly synergize with it, but it is generically useful and can be worked into many different strategies. It can turn small amounts of damage into big amounts of damage, and big amounts of damage into massive amounts. Try to use heavy-hitting cards to maximize the value of each stack of Demonize.

When facing enemies that can inflict Demonize, having Clunkers and Shades to take hits is extremely valuable. Demonize becomes irrelevant once it is stacked high enough (as the card will simply die before the rest of the Demonize actually does anything), so having a card set aside specifically to be hit by as much Demonize as possible can save a lot of damage.

Demonize Interactions

The damage boost from Demonize is applied after damage is increased by Bom.png Bom, effectively doubling the card's Bom count while it is Demonized.

Demonize does not cause Clunkers to lose more than 1 Scrap.png Scrap per hit, because it is still only a single instance of damage. The same goes for breaking Block.png Block stacks.

A damaging hit that inflicts Demonize will consume a stack of Demonize from the hit card, then immediately inflict Demonize again.

Cards and effects that interact with Demonize

Player effects that apply Demonize Player effects that interact with Demonize Enemy cards that use Demonize
  • None

Other Languages

Language Official Name
Mó huà
Mó huà
Korean 저주
Japanese アクマツキ