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Shroom.png Shroom is a debuff applied by some Snowdweller cards. At the end of each turn, all Shroomed cards take damage equal to their Shroom, then each card's Shroom counts down by 1.

Information and Strategy

Shroom is an effect exclusive to the Snowdweller tribe. While low stacks of Shroom can deal decent chip damage, its true value lies in accumulating high amounts of Shroom on a single target. If a deck can consistently apply a lot of Shroom, the Shroom can comfortably become the deck's primary damage source. Once a victim has enough Shroom, it doesn't even matter that Shroom counts down each turn if it takes enough damage per turn. While 1 Shroom is much less potent than 3 Shroom, 18 Shroom is just as deadly as 20.

Cards and effects that interact with Shroom

Player effects that apply Shroom Player effects that interact with Shroom Enemy cards that apply or interact with Shroom

Other Languages

Language Official Name
Dú gū
Dú gū
Korean 독버섯
Japanese シュルーム