The Wooly Drek

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The Wooly Drek Fight

The Wooly Drek is one of the possible fifth fights a player can run into. The fight is won when the Miniboss, Bigloo, is defeated.


High damage and crowd control are the name of the game in this fight. Every enemy has at least 10 health, and the titular Woolly Drek becomes progressively more powerful the longer it's alive, so winning the battle quickly is crucial. Gromble deals little damage but attacks very quickly, dealing chip damage that can quickly pile up. Bigfoot works in tandem with it, as attempting to spread Gromble's damage across multiple Companions may result in all of them being killed at once by Bigfoot. Paw Paws are generally of little consequence if the player has enough damage to take down Gromble and Bigfoot; their true purpose is as fodder for the Woolly Drek. It is effectively an enemy Monch but also gains the abilities and statuses of the eaten enemy. If the Woolly Drek eats a Bigfoot or Paw Paw, it becomes significantly more dangerous on top of its increased stats. Bigloo is basically an upgraded Bigfoot with much more health, Resist Snow.png Resist Snow, and the ability to inflict Snow.png Snow, so it and Bigfoot can wipe out teams that can't bring down the Woolly Drek cleanly enough. Bigloo always appears alongside a Bigfoot, making them able to deal 5 damage to the entire field in tandem with each other, as they have the same base Counter.png Counter.

Since Bigfoot and Bigloo both have Barrage, the best strategies are to either have a smaller field presence or take them down before it becomes an issue. Using Barrage is a good way to clean up multiple enemies before the Woolly Drek can snack on them, although something with Yank such as the Grabber can also be used to pull problem enemies to the front. Snow.png Snow and Frost.png Frost are useful to temporarily neutralize Bigfoot, but are less useful for Gromble. As the Woolly Drek's Counter.png Counter comes closer and closer to triggering, prioritize defeating Paw Paw and Bigfoot so there's no chance for it to gain their abilities. Leaving the Gobling alive may actually prove beneficial, since the Woolly Drek will begin dropping Bling.png Blings when hit and will humorously flee after its next attack if it eats the Gobling.

Ink.png Ink negates the Woolly Drek's consumption ability, preventing it from powering up. The Shademancer Shades Pom, Leech, and Sheepopper are summoned to the enemy field, so the Woolly Drek may end up consuming them. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as all these Shades hurt their allies in some way (thus benefiting the player).

Enemies eaten by the Woolly Drek will drop no Blings. The Woolly Drek will also never attempt to eat Bigloo, so prolonging the fight in hopes of this happening is futile.


Image Card Name Health.png Health Attack.png Attack Counter.png Counter Other Description
Bigfoot 12 5 4 Barrage
Gromble 12 2 2
Paw Paw.png
Paw Paw 10 1 3 When hit, gain 2 Teeth.png Teeth
Woolly Drek.png
Woolly Drek 28 3 5 Resist Snow.png Resist Snow Eat and Absorb a random ally
Gobling 6 4 Escape from the battle
Drop 4 when hit
Bigloo 30 5 4 Resist Snow.png Resist Snow Apply 2 Snow.png Snow

Enemy Waves

The encounter consists of three waves. These are all possible enemy spawns each wave. Waves that spawn with a fixed order are marked in bold.

Wave number Possible waves
Wave 1 1 Woolly Drek, 1 Bigfoot, 1 Gromble
Wave 2 1 Bigfoot, 2 Gromble, 1 Gobling
Wave 3 Bigloo, 1 Bigfoot, 1 Paw Paw, 1 Gromble
Bigloo, 1 Paw Paw, 1 Bigfoot, 1 Gromble

Other Languages

Language Official Name
Máo dé kè lái xí
Máo dé kè lái le
Korean 털보 드렉
Teolbo Deurek
Japanese 毛玉くずの群れ
Kedama Kuzuno Mure