Bamboozle Fight

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Bamboozle Fight

Bamboozle is one of the possible third fights a player can run into. The fight is won when the Boss, Bamboozle, is defeated.


The battle with Bamboozle requires either a decisive offense or a stalwart defense. A Winter Worm will always appear in each of the three waves, but they will deploy behind Bamboozle unless Yanked to the front. Snowbos, Grouchies, and Wild Snoolves are minor inconveniences to get in the way of the real threats and inflict chip damage, although Wild Snoolves also inflict Snow to slow down the player's offense. Their damage may not appear to matter much, but Bamboozle hits every card on the player's field at once. Spreading around too much damage means that Bamboozle can wipe out the whole field in one fell swoop, so either defeat it before it can attack or recall Companions and Clunkers that would be destroyed. Once Bamboozle is defeated, it splits into Bam and Boozle. Boozle deals low damage but attacks rapidly and inflicts Snow, while Bam is slow but deals far more damage at once and has Resist Snow. They also both have Wild, punishing the player for prioritizing one over the other; if one is defeated, the other deals twice as much damage.

Winter Worms are huge threats throughout the entire fight, so they must be constantly pelted with Items or by Companions with Barrage or Aimless. If not, they will deal severe damage once they get the chance to attack. If it's possible to weather Bamboozle's attack, take out or Snow the Winter Worms with Items while piling Companions' damage on Bamboozle. Once Bamboozle splits, try to spread out damage fairly evenly between them to defeat them in quick succession, so that they can't take advantage of Wild. Ink will also prevent Wild from working because there will be only a single Wild card on the field.


Image Card Name Health.png Health Attack.png Attack Counter.png Counter Other Description
Baby Snowbo.png
Baby Snowbo 1 1 2
Grouchy 5 2 4 While damaged, Attack.png Attack is increased by 2
Snowbo 4 1 2 Aimless
Wild Snoolf.png
Wild Snoolf 4 1 3 Apply 2 Snow.png Snow
Winter Worm.png
Winter Worm 10 8 6 When hit, reduce Attack.png Attack by 1
Gobbler 7 1 3 When an ally is killed, gain their Attack.png Attack
Bamboozle 18 3 5 Resist Snow.png Resist Snow Hits all enemies
Bam 16 6 6 Resist Snow.png Resist Snow Wild
Boozle 14 2 2 Apply 1 Snow.png Snow

Enemy Waves

The encounter consists of two waves. These are all possible enemy spawns each wave. Waves that spawn with a fixed order are marked in bold.

Wave number Possible waves
Wave 1 Bamboozle, 1 Winter Worm, 1 Snowbo
Bamboozle, 1 Snowbo, 1 Winter Worm
Bamboozle, 1 Winter Worm, 1 Baby Snowbo
Bamboozle, 1 Baby Snowbo, 1 Winter Worm
Wave 2 1 Winter Worm, 1 Snowbo
2 Snowbos
1 Baby Snowbo, 1 Grouchy
1 Snowbo, 1 Wild Snoolf
Wave 3 1 Winter Worm, 1 Snowbo
2 Snowbos
1 Baby Snowbo, 1 Grouchy
1 Snowbo, 1 Wild Snoolf