Bread Charm

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Bread Charm
Bread Charm.png
Charm Description
Gain Consume

Bread Charm is a Cursed Charm that the player can encounter during a run with the Gloom Bell active.


Unlocked by default.


Unlike the Cake Charm.png Cake Charm and Frenzy Charm.png Frenzy Charm, the Bread Charm adds Consume to the card with no benefit. Since it only appears as a Cursed Charm, it also cannot be given to starting cards that the player would want to Consume, such as Scrappy Swords. A card with the Bread Charm attached also becomes ineligible for the Cake Charm, Frenzy Charm, and Molten Egg Charm.png Molten Egg Charm, since it will already have Consume.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Translation Description
English Bread Charm Gain Consume
Miànbāo Guàshì
Bread Decorations 获得 消耗
Miàn Bāoguàshì
Bread Decorations 獲得 消耗
Korean 빵 부적
Ppang Bujeok
Bread Amulet 일회용 획득
Japanese パンのお守り
Pan no Omamori
Bread Charm イッカイを得る