Trash Charm

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Trash Charm
Trash Charm.png
Charm Description
Gain Trash 1

Trash Charm is a Cursed Charm that the player can encounter during a run with the Gloom Bell active.


Trash is an extremely inconvenient ability outside a Recycle or Bom.png Bom deck. Unlike Gunk Fruit.png Gunk Fruit, Junk.png Junk does not Consume itself and deals no damage. Effectively, Junk punishes the player for attempting to have a thin deck, since each Junk card will take up a larger portion of the deck. The Trash Charm is especially detrimental if the affected card has Frenzy.png Frenzy, generating multiple times as much Junk.

However, Recycle decks can play around the Trash Charm and use the Junk to their advantage. Bom decks cannot make quite as good use of Junk, but Bom at least allows Junk to deal damage.


Other Languages

Language Official Name Translation Description
English Trash Charm Gain Trash 1
Fèipǐn Guàshì
Waste Ornaments 获得 废品 1
Lājī Guàshì
Garbage Ornaments 獲得 廢品 1
Korean 쓰레기 부적
Sseuregi Bujeok
Trash Amulet 쓰레기 1 획득
Japanese ゴミバコのお守り
Gomibako no Omamori
Garbage Amulet ゴミバコ 1を得る