Recycle Charm

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Recycle Charm
Recycle Charm.png
Charm Description
Gain Recycle 1
+4 Attack.png Attack

Recycle Charm is a Charm that the player can collect on a run. This Charm is exclusive to the Clunkmasters Tribe.


Unlocked by default.


Recycle 1 is a small price to pay for the Recycle Charm's significant attack boost. If a deck is producing more Junk than it can use, it is a welcome addition. However, if a deck's Junk production and consumption are already fairly balanced, the Recycle Charm may throw off that balance.

Using the Portable Workbench effectively negates Recycle 1, giving the card an unconditional attack boost.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Translation Description
English Recycle Charm Gain Recycle 1
+4 Attack.png Attack
Huíshōu Guàshì
Recycled Ornaments 获得 回收 1
+4 Attack.png 攻击
Huíshōu Guàshì
Recycled Ornaments 獲得 回收 1
+4 Attack.png 攻擊
Korean 재활용 부적
Jaehwaryong Bujeok
Recycle Amulet 재활용 1
+4 Attack.png 공격 획득
Japanese リサイクルのお守り
Risaikuru no Omamori
Recycle Charm リサイクル 1
+4 Attack.png アタックを得る