Molten Egg Charm

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Molten Egg Charm
Molten Egg Charm.png
Charm Description
Gain Consume
+5 Attack.png Attack

Molten Egg Charm is a Charm that the player can collect on a run.


Defeat the Frost Guardian with a Scrappy Sword.


The Molten Egg Charm is the damage-focused counterpart to the Cake Charm, giving a huge one-time boost to an Item's attack. It is best used for cards that are unmodified and weak, so that they can get a power boost and then destroy themselves to thin the deck. The Pombomb and Slapcrackers are uniquely powerful candidates, as the Pombomb's usefulness is greatest at the start of a battle (and thus Consuming it is beneficial), and the Slapcrackers will deal 24 total damage.

Attaching the Durian Charm to the card after the Molten Egg Charm will cause it to lose Consume, although it also loses all other effects. This does boost the card's attack by a whopping 9 points. This is easily the best combination of Charms for the Slapcrackers, dealing an incredible 40 damage with no drawbacks.


Other Languages

Language Official Name Translation Description
English Molten Egg Charm Gain Consume
+5 Attack.png Attack
Dàndàn Guàshì
Egg Pendant 获得 消耗
+5 Attack.png 攻击
Róngdàn Guàshì
Melted Egg Ornament 獲得 消耗
+5 Attack.png 攻擊
Korean 녹은 달걀 부적
Nogeun Dalgyal Bujeok
Molten Egg Amulet 일회용
+5 Attack.png 공격 획득
Japanese 溶けた卵のお守り
Toketa Tamago no Omamori
Melted Egg Charm イッカイを得る
+5 Attack.png アタック