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The Map is where each run takes place. The player travels via a path of events across different stages. Each stage has two paths that connect a handful of events, ending with a Boss or Miniboss. The player chooses one path to follow, and visits each event on that path.


As players play through a run, they will pass through three zones on the map. Each zone varies the number of events encountered as well as different map decor and battle background. There are no zone-specific events, but some events are more likely to show up earlier/later in a run.

Snowdwell and Tundra

The players begin the journey by leaving Snowdwell and into the snowy lands beyond. Players will encounter 3-4 events between battles in this zone. These areas are depicted as snow-covered forests and plains with scattered rocks and distant mountain ranges.

Ice Caves

After beating the first boss, players move into the Ice Caves. In the Ice Caves, players will find 3-4 map events between battles. Here, one can find caves populated with massive ice stalagmites and stalactites with various creatures and debris frozen over.


The areas beyond the second boss are known as the Frostlands. Players can expect to visit 1-2 events between battles, and it is here the player can find and fight the Eye of the Storm. This region has huge purple Frost formations and leftover equipment.

Map Events

The events a player encounters are strictly beneficial and sometimes offer Items or Bling, a new Companion, or a shop. The following are map events that can be encountered:

Image Event Name Description Notes
MapFrozenTravelers.png Frozen Travellers Lets you choose 1 of 3 randomly selected Companions to add to your deck. Cannot be skipped, although unneeded companions can be reserved at any time.
MapTreasure.png Treasure Chest Lets you choose 1 of 3 randomly selected Items or Clunkers. As of 1.05, may be skipped.
MapTreasureBig.png Large Treasure Chest (Removed in version 1.0.6)

Lets you choose 1 of 4 randomly selected Items or Clunkers

Only appeared if the player had the Titan Bell active.
MapBlingsnailCave.png Blingsnail Cave Gives 40-80 gold On average, gives 60 gold.
MapCharm.png Charm Dispenser Gives the player a random charm.
MapGnomeTraveller.png Gnome Traveller Displays 3 random Items or Clunkers (including those from other tribes), and the player may pick up any number of them. However, two of the items will have a second card visible behind them, forcing the player to also accept a Junk if they pick up one of those cards. (unlocked at Icebreaker Cabin)
MapMuncher.png Muncher Allows the player to remove up to 2 cards in their deck, improving consistency.
MapShadeSculptor.png Shade Sculptor Allows the player to duplicate any Item or Clunker in their deck. The copied card retains all Charms, but not Crowns. (unlocked at Icebreaker Cabin)
MapWoolySnail.png The Woolly Snail Allows the player to buy: up to 4 random Items (one of them always has a 50% discount), up to 3 random charms (costing 50, 70 and 90 blings respectively), and a crown for 75 blings.
MapCharmShop.png Charm Merchant Displays 3 charms for sale and a random card with a random charm attached to it. (unlocked at Icebreaker Cabin)
MapInjuredCompanion.png Injured Companion Gives you an Injured Companion from the run before. Only appears if the previous run was a loss. Cannot be skipped, although unneeded companions can be reserved at any time.
MapFight.png Fight
MapBoss.png Boss Battle
MapEyeOfTheStorm.png Eye of the Storm
MapHeartOfTheStorm.png Heart of the Storm


Zone Fight # Image Event Name
Tundra 1 The Pengoons Fight.png The Pengoons
The Snowbo Squad Fight.png The Snowbo Squad
2 The Frost Shades Fight.png The Frost Shades
The Noxious Shrooms Fight.png The Noxious Shrooms
The Globerries Fight.png The Globerries
The Snowland Bears Fight.png The Snowland Bears
3 Infernoko Fight.png Infernoko
Bamboozle Fight.png Bamboozle
Ice Caves 4 The Spice Mokos Fight.png The Spice Mokos
The Shelled Husks Fight.png The Shelled Husks
The Demonhorn Goats Fight.png The Demonhorn Goats
5 The Wooly Drek Fight.png The Wooly Drek
The Toothy Shades Fight.png The Toothy Shades
6 Truffle Fight.png Truffle
Krunker Fight.png Krunker
Frostlands 7 The Ice Krabs Fight.png The Ice Krabs
The Wild Hogs Fight.png The Wild Hogs
8 MapEyeOfTheStorm.png Eye of the Storm
9 MapHeartOfTheStorm.png Heart of the Storm