Noomlin Charm

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Noomlin Charm
Noomlin Charm.png
Charm Description
Gain Noomlin

Noomlin Charm is a Charm that the player can collect on a run.


Unlocked by default.


Noomlin is an extremely valuable ability, allowing the attached card to be played without ending the turn. The best way to decide what card should get the Noomlin Charm is to select a card that, when drawn, would always be playable and get good value, no matter what the circumstances or game state might be like. Items that inflict Snow.png Snow or raise a card's effective Health.png health are almost always good candidates, but depending on the archetype and the individual deck, other valuable options may be worthwhile.

There are also several types of cards that should not receive the Noomlin Charm, no matter the circumstances. Cards with Consume are only playable one time and thus cannot repeatedly get value from Noomlin in a battle (especially since these cards often will be given Crowns, removing the benefit of Noomlin entirely). Companions and Clunkers should not get the Noomlin Charm unless they are repeatedly recalled and redeployed (for instance, a card like Blunky.png Blunky or one that has the Spark Charm.pngSpark Charm attached).


Other Languages

Language Official Name Translation Description
English Noomlin Charm Gain Noomlin
Nuòmǔlín Guàshì
Nomlin Pendant 获得 诺姆林
Nuòmǔlín Guàshì
Nomlin Pendant 獲得 諾姆林
Korean 눔린 부적
Numrin Bujeok
Nummrin Amulet 눔린 속성 부여
Japanese ヌームリンのお守り
Nūmurin no Omamori
Noomlin Amulet ヌームリンを得る