Truffle Charm

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Truffle Charm
Truffle Charm.png
Charm Description
Apply 3 Shroom.png Shroom
-2 Health.png Health

Truffle Charm is a Charm that the player can collect on a run. This Charm is exclusive to the Snowdwellers Tribe.


Stack 20 Shroom.png Shroom on a single target.


The Truffle Charm is a massively upgraded Shroom Charm, allowing the upgraded card to inflict 3 Shroom at once instead of just 1. However, it does give the card a health penalty. This means that equipping the Truffle Charm to an offensive Companion (which generally tend to have low health already) makes them even more frail, although if their health is already very low then it may not actually make too much of a difference. For instance, Foxee is one of the best Companions to put the Truffle Charm on, but their 4 base health is already so measly that they would never be able to take hits well anyways. The health penalty is more relevant in that it prevents the Truffle Charm from being equipped to anything that isn't a Companion, as Clunkers and Items do not have health.


The Truffle Charm is stylized after the Truffle boss. Its health penalty may reference Truffle's ability to Split when losing health.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Translation Description
English Truffle Charm Apply 3 Shroom.png Shroom
-2 Health.png Health
Sōnglù Guàshì
Truffle Pendant 施加3 Shroom.png 毒菇
-2 Health.png 生命值
Sōnglù Guàshì
Truffle Hanging Ornament 施加3 Shroom.png 毒菇
-2 Health.png 血量
Korean 송로 부적
Songro Bujeok
Truffle Amulet 3 Shroom.png 독버섯
-2 Health.png 체력 부여
Japanese トリュフのお守り
Toryufu no Omamori
Truffle Amulet 3 Shroom.png シュルームを得る
-2 Health.png 体力