Bling Charm

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Bling Charm
Bling Charm.png
Charm Description
Gain 5 from each kill

Bling Charm is a Charm that the player can collect on a run.


Unlocked by default.


The Bling Charm follows the same idea as any other on-kill Charm like the Shield Charm and Pinch Charm: attach it to a Companion or Item that will be sure to kill things. Killing allies will also give Blings, so Companions like Bombom and Monch can earn extra. However, unlike the other on-kill Charms, the Bling Charm has no practical use in combat, occupying one of the card's three Charms just to earn Blings. As a result, the player must decide whether the potential loss of Charm utility is worth the extra Blings. This decision should be made as soon as possible, because every battle won without the Bling Charm is Blings lost.

If a card has the Chuckle Charm attached, it is likely being very heavily upgraded with Charms (and thus has much more potential to kill), and the Bling Charm can be added to the pile with no consequence. A card with both the Greed Charm and the Bling Charm can form a self-sufficient feedback loop, using Blings for power to kill enemies to earn more Blings.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Translation Description
English Bling Charm Gain 5 from each kill
Shǎnliàng Guàshì
Shiny Ornaments 每次击杀获得5
Shǎnliàng Guàshì
Shiny Pendant 每次擊殺,獲得5
Korean 반짝이 부적
Banjjagi Bujeok
Glitter Amulet 적을 죽일 때마다 5 획득
Japanese ブリングのお守り
Buringu no Omamori
Bling Amulet 敵を倒すたびに5 を得る