Spice Charm

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Spice Charm
Spice Charm.png
Charm Description
Gain 2 Spice.png Spice when hit

Spice Charm is a Charm that the player can collect on a run. This Charm is exclusive to the Snowdwellers Tribe.


Unlocked by default.


The Spice Charm grants the attached card a similar ability to Firefist.png Firefist, gaining a bit of Spice.png Spice whenever hit. Defensive Companions can use it to deal a single heavy blow once they attack, or gain incredible amounts of Attack.png attack with the Pepper Flag.png Pepper Flag.

With the Peppernut Charm.png Peppernut Charm, the Spice Charm's Spice-granting ability grants Shell.png Shell instead, effectively mitigating all incoming attack damage by 2 points.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Translation Description
English Spice Charm Gain 2 Spice.png Spice when hit
Làjiāo Guàshì
Chili Pepper Hanging Ornament 受到攻击时,获得2 Spice.png 辣椒
Làjiāo Guàshì
Chili Pepper Hanging Ornament 受到攻擊時,獲得2 Spice.png 辣椒
Korean 매운 고추 부적
Maeun Gochu Bujeok
Spicy Pepper Amulet 피격 시 2 Spice.png 매운 고추 획득
Japanese スパイスのお守り
Supaisu no Omamori
Spice Charm 攻撃を受けた時に2 Spice.png スパイスを得る