Peppernut Charm

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Peppernut Charm
Peppernut Charm.png
Charm Description
Replace Shell.png Shell effects with Spice.png Spice and vice versa

Peppernut Charm is a Charm that the player can collect on a run. This Charm is exclusive to the Snowdwellers Tribe.


Stack 50 Shell.png Shell on a single target.


The Peppernut Charm is a truly bizarre Charm that completely changes how the attached card behaves. When it becomes attached to a card, any mention of Spice.png Spice that appears in the card's abilities becomes Shell.png Shell, and any mention of Shell becomes Spice. For instance, the Shell Shield.png Shell Shield's "Apply 4 Shell" would become "Apply 4 Spice." As a result, a Spice or Shell deck that has obtained the Peppernut Charm should keep an eye out for the opposite archetype's cards and Charms. For instance, a Shell deck with Chompom.png Chompom would likely not care about the Spice Stones.png Spice Stones, but if the Spice Stones became a Shell-doubling card then they would fit right in. Likewise, a Spice deck might not be interested in the Nutshell Cake.png Nutshell Cake, but if it applied 9 Spice then it would be more appealing.

Like all Charms, the Peppernut Charm modifies the card as it was at the exact moment it becomes attached. Any Spice and Shell abilities gained after it is attached, such as with the Shield Charm.png Shield Charm and Spice Charm.png Spice Charm, are not affected. If the card had the Acorn Charm.png Acorn Charm attached to it previously, this will not be replaced by 8 starting Spice, since it is not an effect.

Unique Interactions

  • Chompom.png Chompom will deal extra damage equal to their Spice, effectively making Spice twice as potent.
  • Firefist.png Firefist will recover any damage they take to their health by gaining that much Shell, doubling their effective health.
    • Similarly, the Spice Charm.png Spice Charm will give 2 Shell whenever the attached card is hit by anything, making it even stronger than the Heartmist Station.png Heartmist Station at the cost of two Charm slots.
  • Shelly.png Shelly can cause powerful snowballing by granting Spice to cards that kill enemies. If the Spice is maintained with the Pepper Flag.png Pepper Flag, the deck's offense will become more and more overwhelming as a battle progresses.
  • The Heartforge.png Heartforge dramatically enhances any healing deck's longevity by granting twice as much Shell, effectively tripling all healing. However, the offensive potential of extra Spice instead may be more worthwhile depending on the deck.
  • The Moko Totem.png Moko Totem will trigger when it has 10 Shell. This may be a unique opportunity to stack high amounts of Spice on it, but it will require a good source of Shell to trigger (or another trigger source, such as the Spark Charm.png Spark Charm or Punchfist Charm.png Punchfist Charm).
  • The Spice Stones.png Spice Stones will double the target's Shell, granting huge defensive boosts to anything that has a decent amount of Shell to begin with.
  • Although the Pepper Flag.png Pepper Flag does mention Spice in its effect, it is not eligible for the Peppernut Charm. Because Shell lasts indefinitely, the effect "all allies retain Shell" is meaningless.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Translation Description
English Peppernut Charm Replace Shell.png Shell effects with Spice.png Spice and vice versa
Bǐnggān Guàshì
Cookie Hanging Decorations Shell.png 果壳效果转换为Spice.png 辣椒,或将Spice.png 辣椒转换为Shell.png 果壳
Làjiāo Jiānguǒ Guàshì
Chili Nut Charm Shell.png 果殼效果轉換為Spice.png 辣椒,或將Spice.png 辣椒轉換為Shell.png 果殼
Korean 견과피망 부적
Gyeongwapimang Bujeok
Nut Bell Pepper Amulet Shell.png 껍질 효과가 Spice.png 매운 고추로 대체, 그 반대도 성립
Japanese ペッパーナッツのお守り
Peppānattsu no Omamori
Peppernut Charm Shell.png シェルSpice.png スパイスに、Spice.png スパイスShell.png シェルに置き換える