Frostbite Charm

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Frostbite Charm
Frostbite Charm.png
Charm Description
Reduce effects by 1

Frostbite Charm is a Cursed Charm that the player can encounter during a run with the Gloom Bell active.


Unlocked by default.


The impact of the Frostbite Charm is very dependent on what sort of card is affected. Some cards are balanced around their numerical effects being low values, such as Tiny Tyko.png Tiny Tyko and the Heartmist Station.png Heartmist Station, in which case the Frostbite Charm makes them almost completely useless. However, other cards have high-valued effects that are not impacted much, such as Pyra.png Pyra and Wallop.png Wallop. Some cards even have negative effects that are reduced by the Frostbite Charm, making them stronger instead of weaker, such as Bombom.png Bombom, Mega Mimik.png Mega Mimik, Tootordion.png Tootordion, and Plinker.png Plinker.

Like all Charms, the Frostbite Charm has no effect on any abilities the card gains later on. For instance, attaching the Snowball Charm.png Snowball Charm to a card with the Frostbite Charm will still give it "Apply 1 Snow.png Snow."

Numerical effects that can be modified are written in orange. Other numbers in a card's effects are not reduced. For instance, the Frostbite Charm will not prevent Fungun.png Fungun, Shen.png Shen, and Biji.png Biji from increasing their effects when hit; it will only reduce their base effects.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Translation Description
English Frostbite Charm Reduce effects by 1
Hánshuāng Guàshì
Frost Pendant 效果减少1
Hánshuāng Guàshì
Frost Pendant 效果減少1
Korean 동상 부적
Dongsang Bujeok
Statue Amulet 각종 효과가 1만큼 감소
Japanese フロストバイトのお守り
Furosutobaito no Omamori
Frostbite Amulet エフェクトを1減らす