Balance Charm

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Balance Charm
Balance Charm.png
Charm Description
Set Health.png Health, Attack.png Attack and Counter.png Counter to 3

Balance Charm is a Charm that the player can collect on a run.


Unlocked by default.


The Balance Charm is a somewhat niche Charm, since it modifies all the Companion's stats at once. The main use for the Balance Charm is to set the card's Counter.png Counter to 3. This may come at the cost of the card's Health.png health and/or Attack.png attack, but external buffs and other Charms can help make up for it. It can also help recover attack points that were lost to the Moko Charm.pngMoko Charm or Pomegranate Charm.pngPomegranate Charm. It acts on the cards current stats not their original stats. Some very powerful candidates for the Balance Charm are Yuki.png Yuki, Fizzle.png Fizzle, Booshu.png Booshu, and Nova.png Nova. While risky, Leaders can also use the Balance Charm and hope to gain health from the Sun Bell of Health.

Companions with no attack icon (such as Bonnie.png Bonnie) and/or no Counter (such as Groff.png Groff and Zula.png Zula) cannot have the Balance Charm attached to them. However, Companions with no attack stat gain an attack of 0 if given the Hook Charm.pngHook Charm or a Charm that inflicts a debuff on hit (such as the Snowball Charm.pngSnowball Charm and Goat Charm.pngGoat Charm), making them eligible for the Balance Charm.


Other Languages

Language Official Name Translation Description
English Balance Charm Set Health.png Health, Attack.png Attack and Counter.png Counter to 3
Pínghéng Guàshì
Balance Pendant Health.png 生命值Attack.png 攻击Counter.png 计数变为3
Pínghéng Guàshì
Balance Pendant 設定Health.png 血量Attack.png 攻擊Counter.png 計數3
Korean 균형 부적
Gyunhyeong Bujeok
Balance Amulet Health.png 체력, Attack.png 공격Counter.png 카운터3으로 맞춤
Japanese バランスのお守り
Baransu no Omamori
Charm Of Balance Health.png 体力Attack.png アタックCounter.png カウント3に設定する