Pengu Charm

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Pengu Charm
Pengu Charm.png
Charm Description
When Snow.png Snow'd, gain equal Attack.png Attack

Pengu Charm is a Charm that the player can collect on a run.


Stack 15 Snow.png Snow on a single target.


The Pengu Charm is a very strange Charm that sets up a Snow.png Snowed card for much stronger attacks once thawed out (or recalled and redeployed). It is best for defensive Companions that are likely to take a lot of hits, and thus are likely to be inflicted with Snow a lot. While it is possible to use Items to inflict Snow on the card, keep in mind the current board state and whether or not that Snow would be better used on enemies.

Having Bonnie.png Bonnie or the Berry Basket.png Berry Basket around makes the Pengu Charm significantly more useful, as anything inflicted with Snow can be quickly Cleansed and get back to fighting.

If Yuki.png Yuki has the Pengu Charm, they gain twice as much attack if they themself are Snowed, dramatically inflating their stats. However, make sure to consider the damage loss that would come from waiting for them to thaw or from recalling them.


Other Languages

Language Official Name Translation Description
English Pengu Charm When Snow.png Snow'd, gain equal Attack.png Attack
Qǐé Guàshì
Penguin Pendant 受到Snow.png 雪球时,获得等量的Attack.png 攻击
Qǐé Guàshì
Penguin Pendant Snow.png 冰雪免疫
Korean 펭구 부적
Penggu Bujeok
Pengu Amulet Snow.png 눈 효과상태에 걸리면 동일한 양의 Attack.png 공격 획득
Japanese ペングーのお守り
Pengū no Omamori
Pengu Amulet Snow.png スノーになると、同じだけAttack.png アタックを得る