Flameblade Charm

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Flameblade Charm
Flameblade Charm.png
Charm Description
Replace current Attack.png Attack with apply Overburn.png Overburn

Flameblade Charm is a Charm that the player can collect on a run. This Charm is exclusive to the Shademancers Tribe.


Unlocked by default.


When the Flameblade Charm becomes attached to a card, it sets the card's Attack.png attack to 0, and the card gains "Apply X Overburn.png Overburn," where X is the amount of attack lost. Notably, this means that anything that boosts the card's attack after the fact will not boost the Overburn applied; the Overburn-inflicting ability is set in stone once the Charm is attached. As a result, the Flameblade Charm is best for cards that already have high attack, as low Overburn stacks are not much stronger than simply dealing raw damage. Cards with Barrage are especially powerful, as each enemy with Overburn will significantly hurt the others in its row.

If the card already has an ability to apply Overburn when it attacks, that ability will stack with the Overburn gained from the Flameblade Charm. However, most Overburn-related cards have little to no attack to begin with. It is also a poor choice for cards whose effects deal with their attack, such as the Azul Battle Axe.png Azul Battle Axe, Berry Blade.png Berry Blade, and Snobble.png Snobble.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Translation Description
English Flameblade Charm Replace current Attack.png Attack with apply Overburn.png Overburn
Yànrèn Guàshì
Flame Blade Pendant 将当前Attack.png 攻击替换为Overburn.png 过载
Yànrèn Guàshì
Flame Blade Pendant 將當前Attack.png 攻擊替換為Overburn.png 超載
Korean 불타는 검 부적
Bultaneun Geom Bujeok
Burning Sword Talisman 현재의 Attack.png 공격Overburn.png 태워먹기로 대체하고 부여시킴
Japanese 炎の剣のお守り
Honō no Tsurugi no Omamori
Flaming Sword Amulet 現在のAttack.png アタックの代わりにOverburn.png バクハツスンゼンを与える