Broken Charm

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Broken Charm
Broken Charm.png
Charm Description
-1 Scrap.png Scrap

Broken Charm is a Cursed Charm that the player can encounter during a run with the Gloom Bell active.


Unlocked by default.


The Broken Charm can only affect Clunkers with more than 1 base Scrap.png Scrap, which means that it can only affect a total of seven cards: Mega Mimik.png Mega Mimik, Moko Totem.png Moko Totem, Shroominator.png Shroominator, Blundertank.png Blundertank, Tootordion.png Tootordion, Plinker.png Plinker, and ICGM.png I.C.G.M. ( Junkhead.png Junkhead has more than 1 base Scrap but is a starting card). Many of these Clunkers use their Scrap as a resource or interact with it, so the Scrap penalty does hurt them, but they are still capable of using their effects, just not quite as much. They can also still serve as chump blockers, especially since several of these Clunkers have more than 2 base Scrap.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Translation Description
English Broken Charm -1 Scrap.png Scrap
Bēnghuài Guàshì
Collapse Ornaments -1 Scrap.png 碎片
Bēnghuài Guàshì
Collapse Ornaments -1 Scrap.png 碎片
Korean 망가진 부적
Manggajin Bujeok
Broken Amulet -1 Scrap.png 폐목재
Japanese 壊れたお守り
Kowareta Omamori
Broken Amulet -1 Scrap.png スクラップ