Chuckle Charm

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Chuckle Charm
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Charm Description
Remove Charm limit

Chuckle Charm is a Charm that the player can collect on a run.


Spare the Naked Gnome.


The Chuckle Charm is useful for a card that has been heavily upgraded with powerful Charms, allowing it to be upgraded even more. However, it cannot be attached to a card that already has 3 Charms attached (Cursed Charms also count towards this limit). Finding the Chuckle Charm early in a run can be a good incentive to collect lots of Charms and pile them on one card.


The Chuckle Charm is stylized after the logo of Chucklefish, the publisher of Wildfrost.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Translation Description
English Chuckle Charm Remove Charm limit
Xīxī Guàshì
Heehee Ornaments 移除挂饰上限
Xiàoxiào Guàshì
Smile Pendant 移除掛飾上限
Korean 웃음 부적
Useum Bujeok
Laughter Amulet 부적 제한을 없앰
Japanese チャックルのお守り
Chakkuru no Omamori
Chuckle Amulet お守りの制限を解除する