Block Charm

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Block Charm
Block Charm.png
Charm Description
Start with 1 Block.png Block

Block Charm is a Charm that the player can collect on a run.


Unlocked by default.


The ability to negate damage on any Companion or Clunker is a valuable asset, but it is still only a single instance of damage prevented. The Block Charm is best used on offensive Companions that have low health so that they can survive incidental damage (e.g. Teeth.png Teeth), or a key Clunker that has low Scrap.png Scrap to avoid Barrage and Aimless damage. The Bitebox.png Bitebox and Shroomine.png Shroomine also uniquely retaliate on their attacker when hit, giving them an extra use of their effects. If nothing else, the Block Charm can be attached to the Leader to keep them alive better.


Other Languages

Language Official Name Translation Description
English Block Charm Start with 1 Block.png Block
Gédǎng Guàshì
Block Pendant 开局携带1 Block.png 格挡
Gédǎng Guàshì
Block Pendant 初始獲得1 Block.png 格擋
Korean 방어벽 부적
Bangeobyeok Bujeok
Defensive Wall Amulet 1 Block.png 방어벽을 가진 채로 시작
Japanese ブロックのお守り
Burokku no Omamori
Block Amulet 1 Block.png ブロックでバトルを開始する