Daily Voyage

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The Daily Voyager

The Daily Voyage is generally more difficult than the main game mode. Each day, a new adventure will be generated with random cards and modifiers. All cards, tribes, events and charms are unlocked during Daily voyage runs. You only get one attempt. Good luck!

General Modifiers

Each day, the Daily Voyage is generated by randomizing the deck, then applying four random modifiers from a list of:

  1. Good modifiers
  2. Bad modifiers

Many, but not all, modifiers come with associated Modifier Bells. The ones that don't are listed below.

Deck Randomizer

Note: All deck randomizers apply to every Daily Voyage run.

  • Remove 1-2 cards from your deck
  • Add 1-4 cards to your deck
  • Attach 0-3 Charms to cards in your deck

Good Modifiers

Name Description Notes
Boosted Leader Your leader has better stats Gain 3 upgrades:
+2/4 Attack.png Attack / +0-4 Health.png Health / +2 Health.png Health / -1 Counter.png Counter / +1 card effects
Frenzy Leader Your leader gains x1 Frenzy.png Frenzy
Helping Hand Start with a random companion instead of a pet
Parting Gift Start with some random items Add 2 Items, excluding Clunkers to your starting inventory

Bad Modifiers

Modifier Notes
Bad starting cards Add 1-2 Gunk Fruit to your starting inventory
Bad starting charms Attach 2 Cursed Charms to your starting deck
Remove starting cards Removes 1-2 cards, including companions, from your starting inventory
Half starting companion health Also applies to your leader. Doesn't apply to companions found during the run

Modifier Bells

2-3 Modifier Bells are randomly selected every Daily Voyage from the list below and all Storm Bells. Most of them have negative or neutral effects, increasing the difficulty of Daily Voyages compared to normal runs.

Image Bell Name Description Notes
Battle Bell.png Battle Bell All companions have +1Attack.png Attack
Blingsack Bell.png Blingsack Bell Goblings drop double s
Bombskull Bell.png Bombskull Bell All friendly Clunkers have Bombskull Charms
Broken Bell.png Broken Bell Draw 3 additional cards if you hit the Redraw Bell when it is not charged
Fog Bell.png Fog Bell Some enemies will have Ooba Charms Each fight, 2 non-boss enemies, excluding Gobling and Naked Gnome will gain the charm
Frenzy Bell.png Frenzy Bell Your starting items gain x1Frenzy.png Frenzy
Frozen Heart Bell.png Frozen Heart Bell Some card rewards will have Block Charms Between each fight, this bell adds the charm to exactly 1 card reward, which is not guaranteed to be the path chosen
Goat Bell.png Goat Bell Some enemies will have Demon Eye Charms Each fight, 2 non-boss enemies will gain the charm
Gold Blade Bell.png Gold Blade Bell Combos give double s
Heart Bell.png Heart Bell All companions and enemies have +2 Health.png Health
Lumin Bell.png Lumin Bell All effects on all cards are boosted by 1
Party Bell.png Party Bell No more Companion limit!

Other Languages

Language Official Name
Měi rì zhēng chéng
Měi rì mào xiǎn
Korean 일일 원정
Iril Wonjeong
Japanese 今日の旅
Kyou no Tabi