Moose Charm

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Moose Charm
Moose Charm.png
Charm Description
Increase Counter.png Counter by 1
+3 Attack.png Attack

Moose Charm is a Charm that the player can collect on a run.


Deal 50 damage in a single hit.


Despite the Moose Charm increasing the attached card's Counter.png Counter, it is actually a good damage boost for many Companions. If a card has or can gain Frenzy.png Frenzy, such as Foxee, the Moose Charm is basically always a damage boost for it. If a card has no Frenzy, the Moose Charm will increase its damage output if and only if its Attack.png attack is less than 3 times its Counter. This can be found using the equation a/c < (a+3)/(c+1), where a is attack and c is Counter. This simplifies to a < 3c.

Unsurprisingly, basically every Companion at base will meet this condition. However, this only considers the card's base attack. If the card gains attack or Spice.png Spice by any means, it may break this threshold, or at least come close enough that the Moose Charm would be better off on a different card. For instance, Yuki has incredible potential for attack gain and has a base Counter of 4. Using this formula, once their attack is 12 or higher, the Moose Charm will start lowering their damage output due to the increased Counter. Additionally, the longer Counter means that the card will use its abilities less often, which can cause problems in other ways.

Snobble is notable for being the only Companion whose effect scales directly with the damage they deal. The Moose Charm allows them to inflict 5 Snow.png Snow every 5 turns, completely locking down an enemy card as long as they keep attacking it and as long as the card lacks Resist Snow.png Resist Snow.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Translation Description
English Moose Charm Increase Counter.png Counter by 1
+3 Attack.png Attack
Tuólù Guàshì
Moose Pendant Counter.png 计数增加 1
+3 Attack.png 攻击
Mílù Guàshì
Elk Pendant Counter.png 計數提升1
+3 Attack.png 攻擊
Korean 큰사슴 부적
Keunsaseum Bujeok
Moose Amulet Counter.png 카운터1 증가 및
+3 Attack.png 공격
Japanese ヘラジカのお守り
Herajika no Omamori
Elk Amulet Counter.png カウント1
+3 Attack.png アタック上昇する