Bite Charm

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Bite Charm
Bite Charm.png
Charm Description
Start with 3 Teeth.png Teeth

Bite Charm is a Charm that the player can collect on a run. This Charm is exclusive to the Shademancers Tribe.


Unlocked by default.


The Bite Charm is the non-scaling counterpart to the Tiger Charm.png Tiger Charm, granting a flat 3 Teeth.png Teeth to the card. The Tiger Charm's scaling potential can allow it to potentially reach very high Teeth, but it does take several hits to catch up to the consistent damage dealt by the Bite Charm, which may allow the Bite Charm to clean up early enemies in a fight much faster.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Translation Description
English Bite Charm Start with 3 Teeth.png Teeth
Sīyǎo Guàshì
Bite Pendant 开局携带3 Teeth.png 利齿
Sīyǎo Guàshì
Bite Pendant 3 Teeth.png 利齒開局
Korean 깨물기 부적
Kkaemulgi Bujeok
Bite Talisman 3 Teeth.png 이빨을 가지고 시작
Japanese バイトのお守り
Baito no Omamori
Part-Time Job Charm 3 Teeth.png カミツキの状態で戦闘を開始する