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The Pet House

The Pet House is a building in Snowdwell. It is the first new building to be constructed and is located the the bottom of the settlement, next to the Tribe Hall. The player is able to examine unlocked pet cards and find the challenge to unlock the next one.

The Pet House is already under construction when beginning a new game, although it is not completed. The challenge to finish construction is always available and can be completed at any time. Players who are skilled enough or aware of the challenge can complete the Pet House as early as the tutorial run. Once constructed, Snoof.png Snoof becomes unlocked, and the challenge to unlock the next pet is revealed and can be progressed.

The place is run by Zoe, an experienced pet trainer, who is accompanied by Lil Gazi.png Lil' Gazi. Together, they train new pets to accompany the player on their runs.


Apply 10 Snow.png Snow.


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Snowdwell's Pet House is home to up to six pets. In each run, the player is able to pick any of the unlocked pets to begin the run with. As with other buildings in Snowdwell, the pets must be unlocked in sequence. This means the current challenge must be completed before a new one is discovered.

Image Card Name Challenge
Snoof Unlocked by default.
Booshu Recall 3 Companions
Loki Kill 3 Demonize.png Demonized enemies
Sneezle Buy 5 discounted Items
Spike Kill 10 enemies with Teeth.png Teeth
Binku Hit the Enemy Wave Bell 5 times
Lil Gazi.png
Lil' Gazi Achieve a 6x kill combo

Other Languages

Language Official Name
Chǒng wù xiǎo wū
Chǒng wù xiǎo wū
Korean 애완동물의 집
Aewandongmurui Jip
Japanese ペット小屋
Petto Koya