Shade Sculptor

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The Shade Sculptor

The Shade Sculptor is a Map event. It is the first event that can be unlocked at the Icebreaker Cabin.


Challenge requirement: Gain 50 Blings from a single battle.


This mysterious character will help you out by sculpting a copy of one of the items in your deck.


The Shade Sculptor lays out the player's entire deck, and the player may choose 1 Item or Clunker from it. The Shade Sculptor then creates a perfect copy of the card and adds it to the deck for free. The copy retains all Charms that the original had, but it will not have a Crown on it if the original did. (The duplication animation will still display a Crown on the copied card; this may be a bug.) If the original card had a Cursed Crown on it, the copy will not have a Cursed Crown but will still retain the Attack.png attack penalty.

The Shade Sculptor's unique ability to copy a card in its entirety makes them useful for any cards heavily upgraded with Charms, or for cards that are one-time use (either by Consuming themselves or being destroyed, such as Bitebox).


The copied card is such a perfect replica that it even retains the exact same blood splatters that the original had.