The Spice Mokos

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The Spice Mokos Fight

The Spice Mokos is one of the possible fourth fights a player can run into. The fight is won when the Miniboss, King Moko, is defeated.


The fight with the Spice Mokos is a fairly standard damage race for the first two waves. Prioritize defeating Makokos before their Attack.png attack can grow too high, and try to take down Grumps and Grog with heavy-hitting attacks to prevent their effects from having as much impact. However, everything changes once King Moko appears; his terrifying 10 attack and whopping 5 Frenzy.png Frenzy nearly guarantee a game over if he gets to attack. The only way to combat King Moko is to use his own ability against him, hitting him repeatedly to give Spice.png Spice to everyone (conveniently, this also helps alleviate Grumps's attack penalty). However, a Makoko and Pepper Witch always appear alongside him, and the Makoko will immediately use all the Spice it gains (particularly worrisome if King Moko is hit multiple times in one turn). The Spice applied by the Pepper Witch is mostly inconsequential once King Moko starts giving large amounts to everyone, but it still has a reasonably fast Counter.png Counter and can cause grievous damage if not taken out quickly when Spiced.

The best way to ensure a clean fight with King Moko is to have attacks ready that can quickly neutralize or take out as many of his allies as possible, such as strong Items or attacks with Barrage. Once King Moko is alone, the player is free to whale on him without concern for other enemies interfering. Grumps and Grog are generally not threatening since their Counters are very high, so they likely won't be able to attack more than once in the battle. Try to save as many expendable Clunkers and Shades for when King Moko appears, as his allies' attack will dramatically increase as the fight rages on.

Two particular Clunkers are uniquely powerful in the fight with King Moko. The Moko Totem can easily trigger its Reaction.png Reaction thanks to King Moko granting it plenty of Spice. It only takes 4 hits on King Moko for the Totem to gain enough Spice to activate, and it's a guaranteed kill if all five hits land on him. Plinker has the highest base Scrap.png Scrap of any Clunker at 5, so deploying it on the turn that King Moko attacks allows it to take all five of his hits without any danger to other allied cards.


Image Card Name Health.png Health Attack.png Attack Counter.png Counter Other Description
Grog 12 6 8 When hit, count down Counter.png Counter by 1
Grumps 9 10 8 When hit, reduce the attacker's Attack.png Attack by 1
Makoko 8 0 1 Gain +1 Attack.png Attack
Moko Head.png
Moko Head 1 Scrap.png Scrap When destroyed, apply 5 Spice.png Spice to all allies
Pepper Witch.png
Pepper Witch 8 1 3 When hit, apply 2 Spice.png Spice to allies in the row
Gobling 6 4 Escape from the battle
Drop 4 when hit
King Moko.png
King Moko 80 10 7 x5 Frenzy.png Frenzy
Resist Snow.png Resist Snow
When hit, apply 3 Spice.png Spice to everyone in the battle

Enemy Waves

The encounter consists of three waves. These are all possible enemy spawns each wave.

Wave number Possible waves
Wave 1 1 Grog, 1 Makoko, Pepper Witch
1 Grumps, 1 Grog, Pepper Witch
1 Grumps, 1 Makoko, Pepper Witch
1 Grog, 1 Makoko, Moko Head
1 Grumps, 1 Grog, Moko Head
1 Grumps, 1 Makoko, Moko Head
Wave 2 1 Grog, 2 Makoko, 1 Gobling
1 Pepper Witch, 2 Makoko, 1 Gobling
1 Makoko, 2 Pepper Witch, 1 Gobling
1 Grog, 1 Moko Head, 1 Makoko, 1 Gobling
1 Grumps, 2 Pepper Witch, 1 Gobling
Wave 3 King Moko, 1 Makoko, 1 Pepper Witch
King Moko, 1 Pepper Witch, 1 Makoko

Other Languages

Language Official Name
Má là mò kē
Má là mò kē
Korean 매운고추 모코들
Maeungochu Mokodeul
Japanese スパイス・モコ