The Shelled Husks

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The Shelled Husks Fight

The Shelled Husks is one of the possible fourth fights a player can run into. The fight is won when the Miniboss, Bolgo, is defeated.


The Shelled Husks are a check for how much damage the player can put out, and how quickly. Conkers are essentially significantly stronger Earth Berries, attacking much slower but dealing significantly more damage. Pecan deals a moderate amount of damage but gives itself more Shell to block more hits. Prickle is an annoyance that, if not disposed of quickly, will become nearly impossible to defeat with attacks alone. Shell Witches deal little damage but frequently apply Shell to every other enemy, making Conkers much more deadly and Prickle an even bigger nuisance. Finally, Bolgo is a hugely threatening enemy that starts with already-respectable damage that grows any time it's hit by anything.

High damage is a must-have for the Shelled Husks, as every single enemy can scale in some way the longer they remain on the field: Pecan gains Shell, Prickle gains Teeth, Shell Witch gives Shell to all other enemies (thus empowering Conker), and Bolgo gains attack when hit. Outside of the damage requirement, the fight is fairly simple. All the enemies are susceptible to Snow and don't do much outside of giving themselves Shell; Conker and Bolgo are the main damage threats (as well as Prickle if left on the field too long). Just make sure to have good sources of Snow or expendable Clunkers to block Bolgo's big hits, and it should fall easily.

For the Shademancers, the Leech Mask can trivialize the fight with the Shelled Husks. A single attack from the Leech will wipe out all Conkers and Pecans on the field, regardless of how much Shell they have.


Image Card Name Health.png Health Attack.png Attack Counter.png Counter Other Description
Conker 2 2 5 10 Shell.png Shell Deal additional damage equal to Shell.png Shell
Pecan 2 4 4 6 Shell.png Shell Gain 2 Shell.png Shell
Prickle 5 3 2 Teeth.png Teeth Gain 2 Teeth.png Teeth
Shell Witch.png
Shell Witch 6 2 3 Apply 2 Shell.png Shell to all allies
Gobling 6 4 Escape from the battle
Drop 4 when hit
Bolgo 20 5 3 10 Shell.png Shell When hit, gain +1 Attack.png Attack

Enemy Waves

The encounter consists of three waves. These are all possible enemy spawns each wave. Waves that spawn with a fixed order are marked in bold.

Wave number Possible waves
Wave 1 1 Conker, 2 Shell Witch
1 Conker, 1 Shell Witch, 1 Pecan
1 Conker, 1 Pecan, 1 Shell Witch
Wave 2 1 Pecan, 1 Conker, 1 Shell Witch, 1 Gobling
1 Conker, 1 Pecan, 1 Shell Witch, 1 Gobling
1 Conker, 1 Prickle, 1 Shell Witch, 1 Gobling
1 Prickle, 1 Conker, 1 Shell Witch, 1 Gobling
Wave 3 Bolgo, 1 Pecan, 1 Shell Witch
Bolgo, 1 Conker, 1 Shell Witch

Other Languages

Language Official Name
Yìng ké jiān cì
Yìng ké jiān cì
Korean 껍질쓴 껍데기들
Kkeopjilsseun Kkeopdegideul
Japanese 硬殻かぶり隊
Kou Kara Kaburi Tai