Truffle Fight

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Truffle Fight

Truffle is one of the possible sixth fights a player can run into. The fight is won when the Boss, Truffle, is defeated.


Truffle is a test of a deck's crowd control ability, as its Split ability means that it will repeatedly divide and take up more space on the field. Each new Truffle has half the health of the original, as well as half of its buffs and debuffs, rounded up in both cases. However, their Counter.png Counters are the same as the original; if Truffle's Counter is at 1 and it splits, both new Truffles will have their Counters at 1. This means that timing the attack that splits Truffle is important, so that there's enough time to prepare before the new Truffles attack. Additionally, without Snow.png Snow to stagger their attacks, every single Truffle in the fight attacks simultaneously, inflicting severe damage. Outside of Truffle, the regular enemies are the same as those in the fight with The Noxious Shrooms, minus Bulbhead. The combination of Shrootles and Puffball is as deadly as ever, but with multiple Truffles to provide attacks and block hits, Puffball will trigger much more frequently and has more staying power. Popshrooms and Shroom Gobblers should be significantly less threatening than in the Noxious Shrooms battle, since at this point in a run the deck's damage output should be appreciably higher, though keep tabs on Shroom Gobbler's attack if it's not possible to defeat Shrootles and/or Puffball quickly.

Attacks with Barrage and/or Frenzy.png Frenzy are very useful in this fight, as Barrage can deal damage to multiple split Truffles or just finish off pesky Shrootles or Puffballs in the back of the row. Frenzy is notable as the attack will pause if Truffle takes enough damage to split, then continue until finished, dealing damage to the newly-spawned Truffle. Snow.png Snow is a near-necessity to offset the Truffles' attacks so that they don't all act simultaneously. Ink.png Ink prevents Truffle from splitting, which can reduce incoming damage but also makes Barrage less effective. Because splitting causes the newly-spawned Truffles to have half the statuses of the original (rounded up), Shroom.png Shroom and Bom.png Bom are less effective than usual, although the extra damage is still welcome. (Be wary that Shroom will empower Shroom Gobbler.) If Truffle takes damage due to a debuff that deals damage to it or causes it to take extra damage, such as Shroom or Demonize, it will split before the debuff counts down; for example, if Truffle has 1 Demonize and an attack deals enough damage to split it, both new Truffles will still have 1 Demonize.

If Truffle takes enough damage to split but the enemy field is full, it will display a "Cannot Split!" message and will only attempt to split again when hit or damaged by anything.

Once Truffle has split a couple times, a card with very high Frenzy such as Tiny Tyko can rack up a large kill combo on it, since each individual Truffle contributes to the combo. With some planning and luck, this can be a good way to unlock Lil' Gazi (who requires a 6x kill combo). This is also one of the only ways to achieve a kill combo longer than 6x.


Image Card Name Health.png Health Attack.png Attack Counter.png Counter Other Description
Popshroom 6 0 4 Apply 4 Shroom.png Shroom
Destroy self
Puffball 2 0 Apply 2 Shroom.png Shroom
Trigger against the target when an ally attacks
Shroom Gobbler.png
Shroom Gobbler 12 2 5 Whenever anything takes damage from Shroom.png Shroom, gain +1 Attack.png Attack
Shrootles 8 0 3 x3 Frenzy.png Frenzy Apply 1 Shroom.png Shroom
Gobbler 7 1 3 When an ally is killed, gain their Attack.png Attack
Truffle 110 4 4 Split when 10 Health.png Health lost

Enemy Waves

The encounter consists of three waves. These are all possible enemy spawns each wave. Waves that spawn with a fixed order are marked in bold.

Wave number Possible waves
Wave 1 1 Shrootles, 1 Shroom Gobbler, Truffle
1 Shroom Gobbler, 1 Shrootles, Truffle
1 Shroom Gobbler, 1 Popshroom, Truffle
1 Popshroom, 1 Shroom Gobbler, Truffle
Wave 2 1 Shrootles, 1 Puffball
Wave 3 1 Shroom Gobbler, 1 Popshroom