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Snowdwell is the home to survivors in the era of the Wildfrost. Built around a large chunk of luminice, many gravitate to the settlement for protection. While Snowdwell starts as a small settlement, there are several structures that can be constructed which allow players to unlock more cards.


Snowdwell offers many services as it expands, and each structure brings a new opportunity to unlock cards to use in a run. The challenges that must be completed may be viewed at their respective building, and almost all must be completed in a set order. This means the current challenge seen must be completed before the next one is revealed.

Tribe Hall

Main article: Tribe Hall

At the base of Snowdwell is the Tribe Hall, where one can learn about each tribe currently available. As tribes are unlocked, their flags will be hung outside the hall, and leaders of these tribes may be available to when starting the next journey.

The three tribes include:

Pet House

Main article: Pet House

Under construction in a new game, the Pet House is, as the name implies, the home of pets currently available to take on a run. The challenge to unlock the next pet is also viewable here.

The six pets available to unlock include:

Daily Voyage Airship

Main article Daily Voyage

Snowdwell operates an airship for travelling around. From here, players may embark on the daily voyage, a predetermined run that refreshes every day. These voyages may include both locked and unlocked aspects of a run, and is the same for all players. It refreshes at midnight relative to the player's current time.

Inventor's Hut

Main article: Inventors Hut

Curious in construction and operation, the inventor inside this hut works on creating new Clunkers and items for the player to use. Clunkers and items already unlocked may also be examined here.

Some of the Inventor's Hut unlocks include:

Icebreaker Cabin

Main article: Icebreaker Cabin

Featuring a distinct block of ice atop it is the Icebreaker Cabin. This cabin revolves around map events, letting players view unlocked events and what the next challenge is.

The Icebreaker Cabin unlocks include:

Hot Spring

Main article: Hot Spring

Encircling a smaller chunk of luminice is the Hot Spring. Travellers stop here to relax and unwind, and through this structure players can unlock additional companions and examine unlocked ones.

Some of the Hot Spring unlocks are:


Main article: Frostoscope

High up the mountain is the Frostoscope, an observatory built to monitor the Wildfrost. More specifically, it will monitor the current final boss and the group that accompanies them. It allows a player to examine each card that will be faced in the final fight allowing one to plan ahead to defeat them.

The Frostoscope is constructed after the player beats the Eye of the Storm for the first time.

Challenge Shrine

Main article: Challenge Shrine

At Snowdwell's peak is built a shrine which honors the spirit of adventurers who never returned. A series of statues offer challenges that can be completed to unlock different charms. Unlike the rest of the buildings, all challenges are always available and can be completed in any order.

Other Languages

Language Official Name
Xuě jū chéng
Sī nuò dé wéi ěr
Korean 스노우드웰
Japanese スノードウェル